KELLY OSBOURNE Called to the Carpet as Possible Finisher of the Insensitive Statement Started By GIULIANA RANCIC

…and so now our girl Kelly Osbourne (whom the sharp eye over here at OSF caught looking more shocked at Giuliana’s comment rather than being a participant of) still, regardless…is being dragged right into this situation.Kelly Osbourne

As things are unfolding and the tape is repeatedly reloading over there in the E! offices, Kelly Osbourne too, is being called to the carpet as possibly being the one who shouted out “weed/maybe weed!” …at the end of Giuliana’s intended quip gone wrong regarding Zendaya’s dreadlocks:

“Like, I feel like she smells like pachouli oil…Or weed…maybe weed.”Zendaya-Oscars-022415

Kelly, who worked with Zendaya as a fellow spokesmodel for the Material Girl campaign wants to let the record state that Zendaya is her friend and she would never condone racism or ‘Giuliana’s dumb comment’ said a source.

Well, with who knows what’s going down with Rancic regarding this mess right now, Kelly’s not hanging around waiting to get walking papers anymore than she is going to sit back and allow herself to be drug into this terrible, insensitive situation that’s turning out to be bigger than first imagined. She tweeted:






…from the way things are looking and going on, ultimately, it’s probably going to have to be Rancic’s ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ that could clear Kelly of her involvement in it.


According to Kelly’s tweets, contractual laws and obligations won’t permit her to say what she wants to say, because as we know, the outspoken Brit has never been one to hold her tongue-but for now, she is.

The next 24 hours is going to be interesting as, clearing Osbourne’s existence [and possible involvement] in this  is looking like a deja vu moment that her very own father Ozzy Osbourne is most notorious for:

giphy (2)

Is she going to her head bitten off (being dragged in-as a participant in the comment), or will Rancic (or examiners of the tape) let her fly free of any connection to this rancid situation?Kelly


Have another watch and listen. What say you?