JENNIFER ANISTON Snubbed Journalist’s Press Junket After Being Snubbed for OSCAR Nom


In my Bobby Brady  voice * “mom always said: ‘don’t play ball in the house’” *

Welp. My mom (who was always armed with and instant idioms on hand) always said:

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

She never had to tell me why, but one could just as soon as bet that the reason was: [because] …‘you’ll get egg on your face.’


Just ask Jennifer Aniston-who was snubbed of a nod for this year’s Oscar’s for her role in Cake.

Brangelina Jennifer Annison GifShe probably thought it was a cruel joke brought to her by Brad and Angelina.

I can only image coming down off the high from being on one of the most successful, longest-running television sitcoms [that got remarked in the Hollywood history books as being successful too, as collectively going in as friends on “Friends,” demanding higher pay and getting one’s way], can be quite reassuring.

Such a feat did do one thing: solidified Jennifer Aniston’s place as an A-lister in Hollywood which too, afforded her entry to many a wide-open doors I tell ya.

Well if it’s anything like the late Joan Rivers’ daughter, Melissa, tweeted from Joan’s account:  


JOAN MISSEDI love award shows. If you really want to see great acting, it’s watching them say: ‘It’s an honor to just have been nominated’” …then Jennifer Aniston is owed the Oscar’s Oscar for the move she pulled yesterday [after the nominations]: she hung a left and reneged on a press junket scheduled that was all set up and ready [awaiting her having already counted her chickens before hatching, perhaps?]


Needless to say, things didn’t go her way, so Jenn hung a left and didn’t bother to stay-but she left a clear message tolling her absence…where the journalist explains that basically, never before is there ever after-nom junket for a single star (but rather-for a movie, perhaps) but Jennifer (singularly) was scheduled for a 7-minute press junket where (thanks to her being snubbed) she left’em hanging altogether.

He explains it around the 11:39 minute mark:

Jennifer Aniston Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of FameConsidering the fact that she scored a Globe nomination, despite the fact that [her movie] Cake was getting drowned out by other films, Jennifer was considered a threat to the Best Actress category-and pretty much had this one in the bag.

All this considered, Jennifer must have (secretly) thought the same thing, and Joan Rivers was right.

You see, before the nominations, at the L.A premier just Wednesday (the day before Thursday’s snub), Aniston told reporters:




“I have no expectations on anything. I don’t want to have any…and I will be thrilled…and of course over the moon if something like that happens, but I am so content with everything that has happened thus far.”


Oh…I could see Joan Rivers now: Egg on the face and not having your cake and eating it too is an understatement…I know, right?


In case you wondered about the result of what happens when you play ball in the house, have at it: