It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay: Audio Leaks of RAY J Confessing Being “Unhappy” But Using WHITNEY HOUSTON To Further His Career

Sure, the word “leaked” is slowly becoming the annoying choice [of word-for lack of a better one] for things making its way out to the public and fans. But this “leak” here is hardly anything to write home about and one such Ray J couldn’t be too proud of having—leaked out.

You know, let astrology tell it-then let the record state that Ray J did the Capricorniest sh|t ever.

Known as the “money” sign, whose astrological motto is “I use”(see chapter 3) ,  any good astrology book would give you the best analogy and visual of a Capricorn (whose symbol is a goat) as that goat being the sure-footed animal with the tough leather feet climbing his way up the mountain through all terrain.

And Capricorn (being protective of, progressive in, and work-horsedly productive at securing, maintaining and protecting their reputation, career and status) this leaked video footage of [Capricorn] Ray J could sure as hell makes him the poster child for Capricorn at its darkest and worst behavior. article-0-12ED22B6000005DC-931_468x723

As well all know , just before Whitney Houston died, the guy we had been seeing her but hanging out with was non-other than singer “Brandy’s brother” Ray J. Although the pop diva has gone on to glory, outside of the pre-Grammy catfight between Houston and Stacy Francis (reportedly over Ray J); no one really knew too much about Whitney and Ray J—not even that he was seeing Whitney Houston as far back as when he was dating Kim Kardashian [during the time of the sex tape scandal].kimrayj_0

Turns out, he actually was seeing the pop diva even then and according the voice on the audio tape said to be that of Ray J’s, he was seeing both Kim K and Whitney back and forth but under no uncertain terms was either girl under the impression they had anything exclusive with him.

According to Sir Mackness Ray J: both had to accept that he was disloyal and there was nothing either could do about it.

ray-j-whitney-houstonAlthough the oddly yoked pair were dating, it wasn’t well-received by many because it was believed Ray J was dating Whitney to further his career.

As well the taped confessional reveals Ray J speaking about being unhappy during the time he was with Whitney and knowingly playing with her mind to get him where he wanted to be in his

Despite mentioning (several times) being unhappy, Ray J states that at the time the Kim K tape was poppin’ and via Whitney, he was getting all kinds of press (because of Whitney) still, despite shaking hands with people he otherwise would not have; he was “unhappy.”


Check this out:



No, not all men strategize in this fashion per se. Actually, men who are really + truthfully serious about a woman are usually like this.

On the flip side of that, it’s like I said it once and I’ll say it again (because women tend to take daggers at, and hold grudges and hatred against other women who put them on to game and the game of men regarding love/life/relationship unless they:

  • look like Aunt Jemima
  • give the lessons like such from behind a religious or commercially known spiritual “buffer”
  • and if you’re attractive-you’d better already be rich and famous on a large scale

…because other than that-women will hate you twice over general cattiness of women. From a man without incident, anger, hatred or cattiness, they’ll listen to/consider and even accept [the very same straight to the point/no buffer or bullsh|t lessons I give] .

Not all women are like that, though. Many women are level-headed and whether they consider it, accept the real-they can still heed the message without hating the messenger. So that is who I speak to: those women. And where I can, when I can, I put those women up on the game of “man” willingly and gladly.

So to that I say this. Whether women want to accept or believe it as true, get pissed at the messenger or not: men are farrrrr more particular, premeditated, and idealistic about love and relationships than women will ever think they are. Whether a man is a Capricorn or not-it’s just how they wheel and deal and live this game of life, love, and relationship.

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