Should She Or Shouldn’t She? DRAKE & SERENA WILLIAMS Boo’d Up in the Nasty NATI-Will The 2nd Time Around Be Better Than The 1st? (Circa 2011: Remembering How He Played The Player)

Despite the hospitality…(well, lack thereof), that Serena experienced her first night in the nasty Nati (when a locker wasn’t even made available to the champion), dapper rapper Drake made it all better.

The Where Ya At Drake wasn’t hard to find as phototogs caught up with he and tennis champion Serena Williams boo’d up in a booth at Sotto restaurant in downtown Cincinnati last night hours after her win at the Western Southern Open.


This is the second time around for Drake and Serena as, the last time they tried to hit this thing off-all kept slamming into the net….and circulating around it.

Despite Drake’s (friend-zonish x safe) statement to Complex Magazine (regarding Serena back in 2011/2011):

“I really, really love and care for Serena Williams. She’s incredible. That’s someone I’m proud to say I know. She’s definitely in my life and I’m in her life.”

…the fact of the matter is, the two were an item [as far as the eyes could see].


However, Drake [being nearly two years in and still fairly fresh meat in the game at the time]’s attention span was pretty much all over the place then [in 2011].


Somehow, out of nowhere and with no rhyme or reason, he somehow forgot that he was dating the champion, and was seen with and hanging around video vixen Dollicia Bryan much to Serena’s surprise who took to her Twitter account to