Did Model CHRISTY TEIGEN Rain On Expectant Mom TAMERA MOWRY-HOUSELY’s CLEARBLUE EASY Public Pee-Stick Moment?


There’s no such thing as being ‘kinda pregnant’ –either you are, or you’re not.

Reportedly (and obviously-according to the footage above the OSF big screen) where famous twin, actress, and talk-show host Tamera Mowry-Housely announced her pregnancy in front of the backstage cameras and among her The Real co-hosts: Adrienne Bailon, Tamar Braxton, Jeannie Mai, and Loni Love, she’s definitely pregnant.TheReal_Tamera announcement

Additionally, Tamera posted a pic of herself on her social media account [advertising]:

10895498_322984831224412_632820243_n“We are thrilled to announce we are #ClearblueConfirmed! Can’t wait to meet baby #2! Love Clearblue’s pregnancy test with Smart Countdown. It helped me get through the wait to get my result by counting down with me. #spon”

Well in case you didn’t know, the hashtag #spon is typically followed by an endorsement of a product or service and posted to the Twitter accounts typically by celebs and others.

Now whether the endorsement is a true personal endorsement of the product or service is unclear-but the bottom line is: it’s an endorsement nonetheless [when followed by “ #spon ” which is short for ‘sponsor’].

Christys Mean Side EyeAlthough (according to the footage) Tamera looks to be well over the gestation period of needing a Clear Blue Easy pregnancy test to tell her she whether she is or not, model and singer John Legend’s wife: Christy Teigen didn’t find the stuntverstisement all that oblivious and Tweeted: “How much money does clearblue pay celebs to instagram their piss sticks this seems lucrative”


10864991_621016494671157_1234182941_nLet the record show that Tamera is a married mom of this adorable little chunk of cuteness already:

therefore, she could very well have been a spokesperson for ClearBlue Easy during her first pregnancy.

And although [more often than not], things are said in social media that may not be meant for somebody exclusively, onlookers (or the person himself) can swear to the Gods such things were meant for them.

Having explained all that, although it seems Teigen’s posts may have been about Tamera’s advertising ClearBlue Easy—could be not, right?