DARREN SHARPER Sentenced to 9 Years for Drugging & Raping Women in 4 States – Is This a Form of “Instant Gratification” w/o the Red Tape?

Rape is a very tough subject to discuss and fathom-must less: experience.

Experts say that typically, rape is about an overpowering or locus of control-and often times, the rapist feels the need to overpower his (and sometimes her) victim for various reasons.

Those reasons are usually deep-seated and stem back from some experience(s) in which the attacker had yet to deal with issues of powerlessness in some for or another. As well, some experts say that rape is about a convenient exertion of control for the moment in which the attacker feels vindication or gratification from the fear or shockedness that he has evoked and asserted over the moment.

Per experts, it’s very rare that rape is “sexual” or about a sexual feeling or attraction as it is about an emotion (typically powerlessly negative in nature).

When we hear the word “rape” it’s hard to not picture the movie scene of a knock-down, drag out scenario where a woman (with frightened eyes) is pleading while under the knife, gun or hands of some strange (or man she knows/knows of).

Lately though, times have changed such that it almost seems that although “rape” is still “rape” (no matter how knock down, silent, or violent the scene) the differentiator is and always will be this one fact: The act was not consensual by some ONE body involved. Period.

But too, I think experts are now going to have to start looking into these date rape scenarios under a different microscope now in that, although the (non consensual) act will always be “rape” by definition, but as well: Are men who “date rape” thought to still have the psyche of rapists (as explained at the beginning: mental/feeling of powerlessness)?

Or are these guys being accused of drugging women and taking advantage of them (literally) are going the simple route: “simply” cutting through he chase for pleasure/sexual gratification [without the conversation and ‘mechanics’ behind the courtship and conversation typically required before such consent]?

This date rape thing is starting to confuse me because although it is a sexually deviant act and crime the deserves the same punishment as “violent” rape, one has to wonder about the thinking behind men who drug/date rape-by comparison to the expert’s classification of the reason for rape [of old?].

Are these men getting away with having their way (less the conversation and red tape) one time too many and so goes a pattern of getting sexual gratification?

As you may have heard, today-former Green Bay Packer, 14-year All-Pro safety NFL Darren Sharper, 39 (retired 2010), just plead guilty to sexual assault and attempted sexual assault then immediately sentenced to nine years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting women in four different states (California, Nevada, Louisiana, and Arizona)-two of the women as recent as January 2014.

He is expected to enter a new plea in an L.A court for a preliminary hearing Friday (for raping two women in 2013).

The hearing for the Nevada case will be sometime this week and next month (April 3) the case in New Orleans will be heard in front of Justice of the Peace Janiece Marshall.

What say you?

Is a combination of these drugging cases being the result of expert opinions of old, or does all this “instant gratification” life we’re living and experiencing (for some people) also mean instant gratification in all things (up to and including sex with women)?

These drugging cases baffle me.

Are men like this thinking of acts like this as simply: cutting past the red tape rather than rape (because there’s no knock-down. drag-out violence/screams/fear-faces involved)?