{Buzz} #FourFiveSeconds Didn’t Quite Cut the Mustard But DJ MUSTARD On The Case To Change That



It’s Saturday, and we’re scared to peep-because yesterday, the remix for Rihanna’s #FourFiveSeconds was promised by DJ Mustard.

As quiet as its kept, it was [found/reported that the] surprise drop of #FourFiveSeconds last Friday (in the U.S)-didn’t quite cut the mustard for much longer than the song’s title—at least here in the U.S. and reportedly, for a Rihanna single-under performed.


Leave it up to any province or country outside of the U.S. (beginning with/as close as the U.K.)–no matter what, U.S music does well. But when it comes down to these here United States of America, the love is much more divided after the hype, shock, awe (and radio play).

Well, according to DJ Mustard, who has worked magic for: Tinashe, Fergie (and rumored soon): Rita Ora; FourFiveSeconds’ remix was due out Friday, January 31st, and although we haven’t taken the time to peep as yet, we do know this: Rihanna’s heart went on…and so did the video shoot for the song!

Check out the behind the scenes footage atop the OSF big screen!