Arraigned This a.m.: Cincinnati Judge Declined Off. Ray Tensing’s Lawyers Request To Lower $1M Bond – Current Situation: To Be Jailed & Stand Trial For Murder of SAM DUBOSE + See Why Feds Had To Take Over Cincinnati PD

All things considered (after these tragedies where innocent lives are being snuffed out at the hands unethical cops being slapped on the hand with a wet noodle and being put on desk duty until the “internal investigations” report is complete) how delightful is it to see a fretful, dirty cop who chose to use his gun as if it were simply his right hand holding someone back to detain them that in actuality’s turn, rendered them deceased this past July 19 [2015].

Say hello to University of Cincinnati cop Ray Tensing:



…who, just 10 days ago was a free man all dressed up in freshly pressed police officers duds now traded in for this awful striped fashion contraption of handy dandy fecal mattered cleansed scrubs courtesy of the Hamilton County Justice Center where he walks the catwalk to stand in front of the judge where prosecutor Joe Deters + a grand jury oversaw this beautiful moment of being indicted for murder he so deserved


…for shooting an unarmed man in less than 3 minutes of walking up on him at pullover [for missing front license plates].



Credited for having killed the 550th black person in 2015, the UC cop shot and killed 43 year-old Sam DuBose in the head during the routine traffic stop in which, the body cam Officer Tanner wore told exactly what happened in less than a thousand words and under 3 minutes:


Tensing was arraigned this morning on $1 million dollars bond where his lawyer, Stweart Matthews, pleaded with the judge to lower his bond enough such that he could go home to his family and life–defending that Tensing wasn’t the flight risk he obviously assumed Sam DuBose was in a moving vehicle a flight risk. That request was immediately declined by the judge:

Tensing’s reaction at that moment:


In all dirty cop shootings I’ve heard of thus far, 10 days to an indictment of murder is nearly a RECORD for such swift action to have been taken on a dirty cop but as having lived in Hamilton County myself (and knowing prosecutor Joe Deters’ no-nonsense reputation) it was good to see that his reputation withstood unwavering.

Knowing the climate of the police community relations, this swift decision restored a little bit of faith that for over 15 years now, it lost after other police shootings in the past (that led to riots). Although Tensing was a University of Cincinnati (college campus) cop and not a member of the Cincinnati PD, Cincinnati PD know all too well-the delicate police-civilian relationship. The relationship was so bad that the feds had to come to the city to take over and reorganize how the Cincinnati PD was run–the 2001 riots called attention to that.

The “Cincinnati Riots” took place as a result of Cincinnati Officer Steve Roach chasing down Timothy Thomas who (over the police radio via a 911 operator) was told Thomas had 14 warrants out on him. The video (which is no where to be found on the Internet interestingly) of Officer Roach chasing Thomas down through several alleys was one of the most unbelievable videos you’ve never seen. The cam showed this guy (Timothy) running through the alley past building to building while Roach pointed his gun like this was a REAL LIVE VIDEO GAME. This hunt ultimately resorted in Roach catching Thomas with a bullet through one of the buildings he ran past. It was unbelievable.

At any rate, here is a little history on that: