Here Ye Ragamuffins: PRESIDENT OBAMA’s Patois on Fleek As He Visits Jamaica To Discuss Security (and Sess)

The President [Obama]’s gonna make sure that by the time he leaves the White House, he will have removed the enigmatic impossibility of the dream (of visiting) before he got the keys (or meeting a US President) is more than just a dream.

With the lure of The White House no longer being that “untouchable” privileged place to visit (for me-ever since Snoop smoked a spliff in the commode-a-corridors and that horribly stereotypical Kendrick Lamar album cover):

150316-kendrick-lamar…still, we can all resort to President Barack Obama visiting places and shaking hands of people in places where-once he’s gone: It (like free health care for Americans) will never happen again, that’s for sure.

So with tears of sadness and joy alike: see it and weep.

It was real Presidential over in Jamaica, yesterday, as the President Obama took Air Force One and his agenda over to Jamaica to focus on security there where he received a warm welcome and return the sentiment indeed. Check him out:


Look (like Clinton), our President is a superstar-a Leo.

Leo is ruled by the sun: our energy and bright and showy creative life force and what all planets orbit around:

The sun is not a planet, not a moon, it’s a star, so therefore, our President is a star.


…And his Patois is on fleek!

Deal with it, yo. LoL:



Now down to the business of brass taxes and other political matters and such.

We’ll let ABC news take it from here.

Read on:

President Obama managed to squeeze in a some fun in between meetings with Jamaican and Caribbean leaders on his trip to Jamaica this week — from paying homage to reggae star Bob Marley to practicing his own Jamaican accent.

It all kicked off Wednesday when the president touched down in Kingston, Jamaica, greeting lawmakers as he stepped off Air Force One.

PHOTO: President Barack Obama waves during his arrival on Air Force One, April 8, 2015, at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica.

One of his first stops was the Bob Marley Museum. As the Jamaican legend’s hit song “One Love” played on speakers outside, President Obama toured the museum, eyeing the gold and platinum records lining the walls of the museum that was once Marley’s house. The president even revealed he’s a bit of a record collector, telling his tour guide, “I still have all the albums.”

On Thursday, the president said the visit to the Bob Marley Museum was one of his favorite pit stops of his entire presidency.

“The quick trip that I made last night to Bob Marley’s House was one of the more fun meetings that I’ve had since I’ve been president, as a big fan since I was in high school, and is indicative of the incredible spirit of the Jamaican people,” he said.

PHOTO: President Barack Obama visits the Bob Marley Museum with tour guide Natasha Clark, April 8, 2015 in Kingston, Jamaica.

Obama kicked off Thursday morning by meeting with Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller — but things got off to a rocky start when the president accidentally referred to her as “Madam President,” which is not her title. But apparently, Simpson Miller had no hard feelings towards the president for his mistake. Hours later, she declared her “love” for the president.


“I just want to say to you, you might not know, but you’re very loved in this country, Jamaica,” the prime minister told the president. “I can say to you publicly, I love you, and ask for you to pass on my best wishes to your beautiful wife.”

PHOTO: President Barack Obama and Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller during their bilateral meeting at the Jamaica House, April 9, 2015, in Kingston, Jamaica.

He ran into another snafu while signing a guestbook at the Jamaica House, writing down the wrong date as he left a message for the Jamaican people.

The president wrote, “10th April 2015.” Sorry, Mr. President, it’s April 9.

PHOTO: President Barack Obamas written message and signature are seen in the guest book during his visit to the Jamaica House, April 9, 2015, in Kingston, Jamaica.

Obama then met with leaders from the Caribbean Community, also known as CARICOM — even posing for a class photo with them beforehand.

PHOTO: President Barack Obama, center, and Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, third from right, are joined by Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders for a group photo during the start of their summit, April 9, 2015, in Kingston, Jamaica.

And he hosted a town hall with students at the University of the West Indies — greeting them with a Jamaican accent.

President Obama even fielded questions about marijuana from (cont’d)