White Girl Twit Pics Selfie with Box Braids – Gets Twisted in TWITTER Tirade


So all it takes is a woman on the street with long box braids in her hair to inspire and be admired by a blonde white girl (brave) enough to get some of her own and viola! A Twitter fight begins?


Obviously, no one should have to be “brave” enough to wear a hairstyle nowadays-especially since various trends cross-culture are unfolding and being worn from head to toe as fashion statements.



But when a New York City native and aspiring singer took to her pages of social media, she quickly discovered that the concrete jungle and streets of New York had nothing on places online (where her dreams and made at).

Mallory Merk quickly learned there is one thing you can’t do and [it is] deemed a total empire state of crime: Be white and wear braids—so said the people of the Internet.




Although reception was a mix of support and upset, the aspiring singer took the time to explain:


End result:








Let the record state that, although “black” people/ women of African American descent are the originators of the style, this isn’t the first time braids (or “cornrows”) have been  admired by worn by a white woman.

Several women in Hollywood have worn them (Fergie, Christina Aguilera, Juliette Lewis, Kim Kardashian).



Popular 70s Hollywood model/actress Bo Derek turned heads (not brows)-back in the 70s-when she wore them on the beach in a movie called “10.”  Bo DerekSince then, white women have worn braids……….too (without incident).