17 Year-Old KYLIE JENNER Buys Herself a New ‘Backyard’……Oh, And a 2.7 Million Dollar Home in the Suburbs of Calabasas, California

You can claim you don’t keep up with the Kardashian’s if you want to, but if you know me-then you know that I’m a firm believer in the fact that 100% of people only walk 10% of what they talk and the rest is just a game of bust me out if you catch me and can.

The fact is-somebody’s watching them and therefore-paying ‘em and if the extension of the family (Kourtney’s husband Scott D|ck Disick is ranking in $4 million per season, then we need not belabor the obvious on what the Kardashian’s are ranking in.

Seems as though with she and rapper Tyga’s [kinda-sorta-almost-not really-nearly-turned-it’s-no-one’s business-we-don’t-care-what-the-world-thinks] relationship is out there, they’re ready to play house!

17 year-old Kylie Kardashian’s done gone bought herself one-a $2.7 million one……………


…complete, with a new back yard y’all:



Sources say the minor child of the Kardashian dynasty has inked a deal securing the 4,900 square foot home in The Oaks: an exclusive gated community located (one block from her sister Khloe and Kourtney) in Calabasas, California.

The home boasts a huge home theater, kitchen and pool, and 5 bedrooms-just to name a few of the amenities.


Sources say that although her mom Kris Jenner is walking her through the process, the home is being paid for by Kylie.

As well, the curious question is being raised about why she is buying a home in suburbs like such-just miles away from Hollywood night life and happenings (considering she is still of party age and living in areas like such did not work out too well for Justin Bieber-whose neighbors hated him).

Think it’ll be different for 17 year-old Kylie?

What say you?