Your ‘Word’ Of The Day: Is It Will (Or A Way)?

There is a difference in:

Can vs. Will

Hope vs. Can

Dream vs. Action

Will vs. Way

…(and passive vs. persistent).


Ask any writer. Words are powerful.

Although as per trite quote “a picture can say a thousand words” the reason being is because everything we think we see is relative to what we want, wish (or think) WE see. That doesn’t necessarily mean what we see is what’s real (or is actually so).

The thing about words is, words can paint the picture in your mind that the writer of them wishes to, or wants you to see.

As well, the words we chose to use can control the way we see (or do things).

What words will you choose for you and YOUR ‘doings’ [that control your thinking and feeling] today?

“I will get this done today” inspires more motivation than “I can get this done today.”

Because even if we didn’t get that done today, our ‘will’ has already set us up for making that way.

Good luck!

Author: OSFMagWriter

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