YOUNG THUG’s “Baby Mama” Speaks Out Regarding Profane Video Gone Viral of Their Child + See Suburban “Mom” Version of Same – Are We Judging Based On ‘Familiarity Breeding Contempt?’

Young Thug

Young Thug’s “baby-mama” (no, that’s not her above-that’s “Young Thug”)…

Let’s start again.

Young Thug’s “baby-mama” spoke out via a social media post (allegedly authored by her) stating that those who had a problem with her daughter ‘mimicking’ the words she hears from adults should not be so quick to judge she and Young Thug’s parenting skills over a mere 15 second video that went viral this past weekend.


…Despite hearing the baby’s mom egging it on (and giggling during taping), she asserts she was [quote] shocked to hear my baby using those words [end quote].

Young Thugs babys mom


*Deep sigh.

*Eyes in head.

In the land and ignorance to “The Hood” and hood life; that PR laden explanation and choice of words is

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