Yeezus Walks: KANYE Raps on Water in Armenia…Sorta + Baby NORTH To Be Baptized in Jerusalem

In case you didn’t know, Kanye Kardashian Kanye West and the Kardashian sisters (minus Kourtney) decided to take a trip over to their father (the late Rob Kardashian) ’s native country Armenia to get in touch with their roots and culture.

Now were not promising or saying that this will be added to the bag of doing something substantial, sacred, and real for once in life but it’s a start.

Obviously going to a country like such (so close to Holy land and sand) Jesus Walks rapper Kanye couldn’t resist the urge to test his self-proclaimed genius and ability to walk on water. I mean you can’t blame him-especially seeing as though nicknaming himself [“Yeezus” was as] close to Jesus as it gets and went over well for fans and others who actually call him that (or ‘Ye for short).

Look, if Prince can promise purification in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, with all the sinning going on this past weekend at Coachella, it would only be right that “Yeezus” takes his rap sermon to Swan Lake in Armenia to do an impromptu free concert.KanyeArmeniaSwanLake

While cameras rolled (for the segment to air on KUWTK / Keeping Up With the Kardashians) 100s of fans in the audience got first dibs on seeing the once self-proclaimed Rap God give the show for as long as he could—until police came by and shut it down after fans suddenly felt inspired to purify themselves in the waters of Swan Lake, too.

In all seriousness though. Reportedly, Kanye and Kim are headed to Jerusalem today for baby North’s baptism.

…Don’t look at me like that-I promise I don’t make this stuff up.

*hand up

Scouts honor.

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