YAHOO FINANCE Sails Into A Big Problem On Twitter Overnight

Well, if it’s true what (science) says about the subconscious being the first to speak, then Yahoo Finance just wrote themselves as check their brand + company + ass can’t cash.

The search engine digi-giant brand’s finance division called itself getting in on some Trump slander overnight, but the person behind the Twitter account’s subconscious got a lil’ too inspired.

When attaching an illustration as the subject of the tweet, things sunk from there.

The picture was that of a mere Navy ship.

The negative is that [we, and all of social media] don’t know if the Yahoo Finance’s rep correlated the connection between “ship” x “slavery” [x the derogatory term used to pack people of color on it] once upon a time held his subconscious captive, but the square root of the problem was the tweet itself:


Twitter CEO Wants to Let Users Edit Tweets

For many months and Sundays, Twitter has been under pressure from its users to implement the “edit” button.



Given the notion [or fact?] its been said that each Tweet is recorded and filed at the United States Library of Congress, implementing an ‘edit’ button could pretty much have their work cut out for them.

We’re sure Yahoo Finance wishes that edit button had life right about now.



While Yahoo, has yet to speak on it, there’s 1 thing for certain and 2 for sure, the probability what lays dormant in the mind of its late night social media manager’s mind subconscious, was very apparent, yo.

On the [bright side?], the mishap seemed to be taken in stride. It was given light to a new #BlackTwitter hashtag handle: #NiggerNavy

…and of course, filed under’s “Faux Pas Files” category you know…”safe” keeping.


Author: Angela Sherice