CRYOTHERAPY: Would You Be Willing To Stand in a Chamber 292 Degrees Below Zero to Be Skinny, More Energetic & Inflammation-Free? (FLOYD MAYWEATHER, JUSTIN BIEBER, KOBE BRYANT & LINDSEY LOHAN Lived Through It)

If it’s anything like the name-you WILL ‘cry.’

Save the polar bear challenges with you and all the homies running near-naked into oceans in dead of winter or those cold water carnival dunks–thinking you’ve braved the elements and done-did somethin.’

Try “cryotherapy.”

I’m gonna have to believe therapy method works because I did read somewhere, some time ago, that to rev up your metabolism and burn calories, it’s best to sleep in a cold room (rather than a warm one).

So when I read that the newest celebrity beauty trend was a treatment called cryotherapy-where you cozy up to 292 degrees below-zero temperature for up to three minutes in a chamber, it sounded like something that coincided with that piece of information I’d read about sleeping in cold rooms.

Provided one is willing to risk hypothermia to stand 3 minutes in 292 degrees below zero, the benefits [boost to the metabolism, reduction of inflammation and increased energy levels] outweigh the risks (depending on who you ask).Cryotherapy

Well the bright side to that cold side is that you will live as, celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, Floyd Mayweather, and Kobe Bryant swear by it (and lived through it).

Kobe refers to it as “The Evil Device” but obviously has virtuous benefits.

Are you cold enough to do this ?

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