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Rapper 2Chainz (a.k.a. “TityBoi”) is back in the news with having his n _ ts in a clutch by a young woman named Christine Chisholm seeking $5 million dollars in damages.

Remember that girl from a year or two ago that got publicly blasted on social media when this video tape made its way around of her backstage with the rapper and the homies…and things didn’t quite turn out right? Well what-had-happened was…she got embarrassed when (from the contents of the tape) it seemed as though she got back there via meeting someone in his camp (online perhaps), and when she got back there, she was played and tossed around like—no one knew who she was or what she was talking about.

So the one member of the entourage [did her a solid I might add–like a big brother would] and firmly advised her: “Just leave” –as if to say: “quit while you’re ahead” [sic].

Check the scene out for yourself:


(I felt so bad for her when she stood there trying to give him a compliment…she was so embarrassed and didn’t know what the hell to do)…


Since then Chisholm claimed to have been fired from her job at a barbershop after the video went viral and has since been subjected to harassment, public abuse, and severe damage to her reputation. As a result, she is seeking $5 mill from 2 Chainz who, on the video, can be heard asking Chisholm who she’s with then jokingly asking the homies if any of them are claiming her association: “Is this your THOT?” he asked (“thot” being an antonym and slang for ‘That H0 Over There’).

Ok so…

As this comes back up, and because I’m always so curious (not judgmental) about girls and guys who are into lifestyles like this (and since my blog’s premise is about life and styles of popular culture), I think I’m going to I did add a slot atop our carousel so that we can hear from these types (whether they are: professional groupies, spontaneous groupies, occasional groupies, selective groupies, the opportunist groupie with a plan, strategic groupies, or whatever). I’m not as interested in your


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