WIZ KHALIFA Shows Support of AMBER ROSE Post #SlutWalk + Why This Means It Was A Success Afterall


Amber Rose’s #Slutwalk brought out hundreds thousands and (depending on who you ask) was deemed a success-all things considered.

Wiz Khalifa's momsDespite  [what wags believe to be a dig] at Amber Rose: Wiz Khalifa’s mom posting a meme about [unsaid] named person’s propensity for manipulation and claiming victim is such that it’s no wonder [unsaid] person doesn’t carry chalk around.

Considering the fact that this isn’t the first time Wiz’s mom publicly dissed Amber, people chalked the diss all up to being a shot fired at Rose.

Although the subdiss has not been confirmed or denied that Amber indeed was the intended target, one thing that can’t be denied is the cuteness of Amber Rose and her baby-daddy Wiz Khalifa: cheek to cheek and chum (like parents should be), regardless.


It’s duly noted that Amber has publicly given account of having been slut shamed in her past, but too, it’s dually noted that two main fixtures that broke her the most just so happened to be public figures: her ex Kanye West [and her baby-daddy Wiz].


Wiz Amber WeddingWhile it’s unlikely that we will ever hear-tell of Kanye having accepted Amber’s forgiveness of him having slut-shamed her, the person who matters the most in this her baby-daddy: Wiz Khalifa who, following the march, shared a couple of pics of the once-married couple in a better space than they have been in a long time!

Quite the olive branch for Rose, despite whatever happens from here with the march or between the two because call it what you want to, in some way; Amber got the closure and public show of unison and support from the man who a) was once happily married to her b) is the father of her child and a c) had slut-shamed and publicly rejected her for quite some time since their nasty split so in that regard, her #SlutWalk was quite a success.



A couple who smokes together, hopes together 🙂




Whether this means anything for the two parents as a couple or no remains to be seen, but at least going forward (demonstrative, and front and center by pixel-having supported her directly wizamberfollowing her #SlutWalk) no longer does he have to slut shame or fight her with the kind of verbal venom of a man merely killing her with words as a result of both being public figures and having to watch life and dating in the public eye being so public and in his face. From the looks of things, if a picture says a thousand words, we all know that whatever direction Amber or Wiz takes, we know they’re cool.



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