In the Interest of the “Double Standard”: How and Why ELLEN Being Dragged Over KATY PERRY’s Rack Is What Was Bad

Talk show host Ellen is caught up in a Nipplegate scandal all her own–on somebody else’s breast.

Just as Justin announced to the world on Ellen this week, [that] he was invited back to perform the Super Bowl Half-Time Show sans 2004’s Nipplegate fiasco; the curse was passed on to talk how host Ellen who inadvertently took on the scorn of social media. No it’s not that Ellen’s boob was exposed but rather, Katy Perry’s cleavage was-Ellen merely (simulated) taking a bite out of those.


It’s just like I explained earlier this week in a ToriSpilling spiel: Now that media has gone social (with the invent of social media), just like a piece of meat, whatever piece “media” is on the menu at any moment in time; that “media” is going to be social sustenance commensurate as commentary for all. Everybody wants a piece. All of social and media becomes invested in whatever that piece of media may be.

Well, that ‘may be’ at this moment in time, just so happens to have began with Hollywood honcho Harvey Weinstein. At this moment in time, Weinstein and (countless other)’s indiscretions are currently being played out in the media with more than enough counts of rape, assault and sexual harassment worthy of wearing the parental discretion advised warning itself.

While considering the media climate (at this moment in time) being of the sexual harassment kind, Ellen’s playful [public] gesture is being compared to the [private], unwanted gestures and advances of that of Weinstein’s-with a headline marquee that may as well read: “Double-Standard. What’s Bad for the Goose is Good for the Gander?”

As a loyal Ellen Show viewer, what (many) may not know is that the gesture (for those of you who don’t watch) was more like walking in on an inside and ongoing joke that (ironically) had to do with breasts—weeks before Ellen twit-pic’ing this photo of her gesture at Katy’s (at the 55th Grammy Awards).

For the record, even when Justin was on the show earlier this week and the discussion of Nipplegate came up, a portion of this video with the nipple of the cow [came down on the set] as a prop—a prop that’s been the humor punch line for over a week or two now–ever since Ellen discovered this very video:


As to why Ellen posted “Happy birthday @KatyPerry! It’s time to bring out the ballons!”  one would have to be a Katy Perry fan to know she has a song called “Birthday.”

Unfortunately, the world walked in on an Ellen Show inside joke. And that joke was Ellen was merely carrying on as-was (and) has-been for a couple of weeks now on her show.

It’s just unfortunate that the gesture occurred at a different place, in a different place, and at a different moment in time—at this sensitive media moment in time.

You see…that’s what-had-happened.

Speaking of moments in time:

…And well, I’m with her:

Why? Along with a simply invite and sit-down on her show, this debate can be deadened with, and is like that of the “n” word debate between races: You would have had to have been there, be apart of the experience and on the inside to understand it and how or why it’s said (or done). And since you, or I are not friends with, or between Katy and Ellen (who are friends) like any victim of sexual harassment; the onus is on Katy to decide if she feels what Ellen did was sexual harassment then (when the picture was taken) and/or now (with what she tweeted with that same picture).

Author: Angela Sherice