Why Did She Get Married? TASHA SMITH Slapped With A Restraining Order By Husband


We jussssssstt talked about Kerry Washington mentioning how [when she talks to some Scandal fans] they come for, or at her as if she IS her  character “Olivia Pope” – because it’s hard for some of them to cope with the fact that: “Olivia Pope”  is a character, not Kerry.

Well, when you have stories about celebs where their real life imitates the life of the characters they play, can you blame ‘em!?

download (1) Tasha Smith a.k.a “Angela” (no relation, lol) of Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married was this feisty, loud-mouth character with a sharp tongue who was married to “Marcus” (played by Michael Jai White). Marcus was the recipient of Angela’s no holds barred mouth and way—no matter where, or whomever was around.

download (3)Well from the looks of things, the same must be true in the real life of Tasha Smith because sources say the Why Did I Get Married star’s husband is most probably asking himself the same thing right about now.

Until a full hearing could heard on the case [and until that time] although Smith is still allowed to stay in the same home, her husband, Keith Douglas, was granted a temporary restraining order for her to stay…(this is not a typo):

  • While in home: 2 yards away from him.
  • While outside the home: 100 yards.

download (2)…So although she can reach out and touch him, she’d probably better not. However, that no hold’s barred way of hers “Angela” ’s just might suffice [if she’s anything like her character “Angela”].

Well, perhaps she is.

downloadHer character drank a lot, and when she’d toss a few back, her drunk thoughts was her sober talk-tenfold.  Reportedly, during one of her (real life) “alcohol-fueled vents”  Tasha Smith is being accused of threatening to kill him-and earned him that [quote] he’d “better not fall asleep or something will happen.” Additionally, Douglas alleges Smith has threatened him in front of his children.



Obviously, the allegations were denied by Tasha Smith who (in an interview-4th one down to the right of the list after pressing “play” of this video):

…asked Tasha if “Angela” was from real life or was this serious acting.

imagesTasha Smith replies:

“Well I don’t…I can’t say that…that that’s…I’m an actor, that’s what I do. I mean…sometimes people…they try to connect the actors with their roles but I wouldn’t do half the things that Angela has done as a person—me as Tasha Smith, so…”

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