Why After Doing Things One Way, Safely, For So Long – It’s Okay (Mid Walk) To Stop And Just Do “You”

It’s inevitable…

…that no matter how individual we are, we get our cues on how to be individual by determining where we are alike, and like (by comparison to others) and too, where we are different (and opposite) others around us.

It’s unavoidable…

…as human beings (and as you’ve read me say throughout several blog topics): we only get so long to be kids. Because somewhere around age 5 we begin to have our wild and free stages of life interrupted by these sudden cues and rules of our parents-telling what we can and cannot do, and should and should not do anymore.

We start learning that picking our noses, farting, digging our butts, and burping aloud all that time was improper after all—around other people and out in the world.

From there, we get into our systematic bureaucracy and begin to learn (as early as 3-6 years old) basic life cues, and more importantly: how to interact with the world around us and the people in our immediate surroundings. We decide and choose our friends, and what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in front of and around others.


We carry these same lessons and legions over into bureaucracy systems [that are] secretly teaching us the concept of time and how to get things done during a certain frame of time (by ringing bells as subconscious reminders that “times up” come back tomorrow for the next fours days)–all that to teach us: Those early morning, five days per week ‘til afternoon and evenings on these Mondays through Fridays is how this world is run and this country runs its usual business. Such subconscious lesson during your basic education is preparing you for such so that it will not be a complete culture shock to you as you make you way out and in to this world (as your time will soon come to do so)…

As we leave these systems (despite the fact that our frontal lobes-responsible for sound decision making-aren’t fully developed until around age 25-27), these system acknowledges us as “adults” at teen ages because after high school, the country has a business to run-awaiting your decision to decide to fit into: Furthering your education or going to work to contribute to taxes in order to contribute to running this country.

…Take your pick.

During (or especially) after this point in life is when all these years of our straight-lined lives of socializing and learning should have given us plenty to work with on deciding where to go and what to do with or lives going forward.

Expectedly, the practical route (get married, babies, carriage, house on the hill, white picket fence, two dogs in the yard that go “woof woof”) is revered, redeemable and the chosen route taken by the majority (versus globetrotting off to uncertainty, bliss and creativity—risking all, living barely and by a hair-edly…all for a “dream”).

Regardless of whatever route taken, the bottom line is this: the show is on and what, if individuality we’ve grown to be comfortable with enable us to walk the runaways of our individual lives feeling and being comfortable with who we are (as an individual) while around the world on their own walk of life.

The important thing to remember is, as we look around and (after working from, and looking within us), it’s okay to snatch that wig and walk your own walk, talk your own talk, and outline your life with your own chalk.

Strut your stuff in ways that you feel is best for YOU (rather than how you were told to walk out into the world)…

If you have to change your direction mid-walk, snatch that wig and feel free to do it-just like Alek Wek did (circa 1998):

…’Look. I’m just as fly as all these other girls walking this walk. And I’m gonna finish this-doing me!’

Do you.

Author: OSFMagWriter

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