White Woman Living Life As A Black Woman – RACHEL DOLEZAL -Speaks Out About Being Outted


I’m just going to charge to the astrological universe-for her being Scorpio;

…the extremes she went through to layer who she convinced herself she was.

As astrology would have it, Scorpio ruled by the planet Pluto, whose planet (of all planets) is the farthest distance from the sun and light (therefore darkest and coldest) I’ll just charge it to that.

Even Greek mythology placed Hades (the God of the Underworld) on Pluto as resident. Astrologically speaking, Scorpio are (un)known to have some pretty extreme dark sides. Extremes-from the Aaron Hernandez’s down to the lives of “Caitlyn” ‘s and Rachel Dolezal’s. Over anybody’s, their cold can be the coldest and their “dark” can be the darkest. And being the most secretive sign of the zodiac-can go unfounded until the light is shined on it/them.


Socially speaking, for social/cultural “retribution” of sorts (especially considering the fact she’s not running from the light being shined down on her): Rachel Dolezal owes us (and her proud, black self) the right to let us in on how she lives. One of these networks should hurry up and make it so without making us wait too much longer.


Let’s face it. If anybody should be given a reality show, it’s Rachel Dolezal because she certainly does have one hell of a reality: A past that she would rather forget about (and a viewer in me).

Not that I fully agree or support what’s gone on with her, but generally speaking, rather than being so easily put off…I’m intrigued by the taboo, the root and source of individual human conditions, people’s differences, physical and cultural anthropology. So I am intrigued by her: Her life, her back story, her “fronting” and—her front story made public and put on front street [brewing: June 11-the last day of Mercury Retrograde at that. Isn’t it ironic?] LoL.

Well although she was caught off-guard on cam when asked to state her claims before… 

…it’s painfully obvious that her viral blast did not scare her and send her off into hiding (as you’ll see below in an interview below). And admirably and respectable-ly so, she is as upfront and insistent that she is who she feels she is, even with the light having been shined down on her “world” in such a way.


They can DNA test me if they want to,” Dolezal via The Press newspaper regarding questions raised about her identity.


Now granted, it can’t be denied that something seriously psychological is deeply embedded in her about as deep as her desire to be who she’s convinced herself she is, but the fact of the matter is this: With being “black” being some digital age fad i.e., full lips, large, round bottoms, adopted b-boy stances, and hip-hop personas and all; whether we like her or not, I can appreciate her wanting to be “black” down to the [African American] culture and core versus simply wanting to “be black” just for the “cool”of it.

Despite her failed spear-chucking excursions proven false (where she claimed to have been born in a teepee, lived in South Africa, and hunted with bows and arrows), as well, along with other falsities she has taken on to layer this person she feels she is; we can’t deny that she knows more about black/African American culture than most, and is interested in it (more than most).


Well like I said in the beginning of this write up, Rachel Dolezal is not dodging any bullets, and went on camera to answer some questions.


Notably, as I mentioned in my previous/original write up about Rachel and this situation, she makes mention her parents’ vested interest in “outing” her may stem from a family domestic/legal situation going in which she is siding with one sibling over another.

However, it’s important to also note that this can of worms was opened when one too many reports were filed (by her) stating claims of [her] being the victim of hate crimes [due to her being a black woman] had gone on record.

With all claims reports having come back unfounded, and what (if any) suspects yet apprehended; red flags began to pop up everywhere around Rachel Dolezal-and so begat a deeper look into who this NAACP chapter president (slash) city police ombudsman, (slash), part-time Africana Studies professor was, exactly.


And as you’ll see (2:32-2:46):

…Rachel doesn’t necessarily feel like she owes the community that doesn’t share the plight of that which she identifies-an excuse, saying


“I can… I can understand…that I mean like I said…I think it’s more important for me to clarify that with the black community…and with my…executive board…than it really is to explain it to a community that I quite frankly…don’t think really understands the definition of race ethnicity”


…is her response to the journalist’s question proposed: “The president of the NAACP…(who we think is a black woman who says she is the victim of hate crimes) might not be black–that seems like it might be a misrepresentation.”

Obviously, there’s nothing left to so much more left to be “desired” here-with her having finally spoken on the facts, and states evidence and staked claims [about who she is] is all out on the table.

Leaving us all so “speechlessly question-full” like such seems almost ordered and ordained-like this situation having unfolded and happened like such was because perhaps it was about time for her to do all the talking where many of us are left speechless, after the facts about her became public.

All eyes on her. And with open arms, as well, I’m all ears.

She’s obsessed. And interest, intrigued and I’m impressed.




…And while she didn’t interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins (who, if you remember did interview another notable on a previous blog post here), check out what he has to say regarding Rachel Dolezal:

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