When A Meme Becomes A YouYou: YOUNG THUG Threatens Rapper PLIES For RePosting Social Media Video Meme—Starring His Daugther



It’s all fun and games in the land of social media and memes until all it’s all about youyou.11856739_455317878008637_387355688_n

Rapper Plies’ notorious weekly #SweetPwussySatday was prude-ly interrupted when he had to take a moment to remind rapper Young Thug that he was just that [himself]: A sweet pwu$$y—if he thought [he-Plies] was going to meet his ‘demands.’


You see what-had-happened was….Young Thug threatened that Plies take down an Internet video repost of his (Young Thug)’s daughter in a 15 sec video (posted by Young Thug’s baby-mama).

In the video the little (toddler) girl was taped (completely clothed and picking her nose)………complete with a full set of grills in front of her (approximately 3 year-old) mouth babbling the words: “I’m mu’fckin’ tide” (Layman’s translation): “I’m m0therfucking tired.”



Plies posted the video to his page


…with a caption that read:  “(CURRENT MOOD).. “I’m Muthafuckin Tied” (Not Tired)


thug to plies


Well Young Thug threatened Plies that “there would be trouble” if he didn’t take the video down and well, Plies had this to say (back to the threat):

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