What’s Good for the Gander is Good for the Gavel: JUDGE JOE BROWN Jailed

Throughout book 1 (Innocence) of my 3-part fiction biographical series called: “Angie Situation,” it’s like a character [loosely based off my mother] used to say with all her spitfire charm, sarcasm and vernacular-through her many idioms:

I’ve been around the world twice while you’re still making your way around the teacup still looking for the handle.”

Let me f____k this cat. If she has any kittens I’ll give you one.”

You run your shoes over and just let me run my business.”

TRANSLATION: I’m in control of this/my business. Mind/tend to yours.

…and so it seems, Judge Joe Brown should have adhered to the same idioms to avoid looking like the same “idiots” he himself is subject to call out when he is presiding.


Although Judge Joe Brown may be able to raise his voice, talk his talk, and bang his gavel the way he wants to in his courtroom while on television and off-being on the other side of the bench [whether it be the defendant, plaintiff or representative of either]—fact of the matter is: disrespecting the judge presiding over the case can very well get you sent off. And that’s precisely what he did and “what had happened.”

According to reports Judge Joe Brown, 66, for causing an outburst, he was arrested and charged with five counts of contempt of court in a Memphis Tennessee/Shelby County court room while representing a young man who was in a court hearing for non payment of child support. A spokesperson for Shelby County Juvenile court, chief Magistrate Judge Dan Michael, said that Judge Brown caused a spectacle in the courtroom yelling and repeatedly challenging the juvenile court magistrate’s authority.

Well, Judge Joe Brown, run your shoes (and your very own) courtroom over, but when on the other side of the bench (as you demand in your own courtroom); let the judge presiding run his/her business.

This write-up is adjourned.

*bangs gavel*

Sources: Wonderwall Photo: KH1/WENN

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