What JAY Z Did For BEYONCE’s 33rd Birthday

Bey-Z may very well be gone up, up, and away, but their rhyme ‘aint done.

Well, we know what yous all did last night (for Bey Day) and I told you what Beyonce did (for her Bey Day), but what did her husband do for her birthday.

In a carefully edited video (for his wife’s 33rd birthday), the humble attempt to create a 33 second video on his You Tube channel was alllllllllllmost mastered…..in :34 [seconds]

snaps fingers


It’s always the thought that counts and well, he put his together (a video reel) showing Beyonce rollerskating, dancing, and as well—some behind the scenes footage from the couple’s On The Run tour remixed to his song “Beach is  Better” and Beyonce’s “Grown Woman.”

Check it out for yourself-it’s hot…and’ll make you shake your @$$i from where you sit, or stand!

Author: OSFMagWriter

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