My MASTER CLASS? Art, Books, Blogs, Love, Sex & Relationships – What’s Yours?”

My MASTER CLASS Would Be: Teaching You WHY To Write & HOW To Produce & Manufacture Books √ The Mechanics of HOW To Write Unforgettable Blog Posts + The Basics x Trigonometry Of The Front x Back End Of The Blogging & Website Business


It’s okay to take a moment, to think about yourself after you wake, meditate (or pray), stretch, break your fast, and exercise, or proceed to do whatever it is you do for the day.

So let’s do that. There’s a saying that goes:

“Those that can’t do: teach.”

Well, the same is true for those that can do-they can teach as well, right? Although we can do (or teach) a lot of things in a book or in person; some things can easily be taught from afar.

Technology has changed such that pretty much any instruct that was only available in person can very well be taught (and learned) online-even college courses have evolved in this way. What would you be able to teach by sight or words that your student’s far and wide can’t touch or learn in person.

Since I proposed the question, I’ll start (with just one).

My 1st master class would be showing you how to write, produce, manufacture/distribute your own book / start your own publishing company. As well teaching basics & literal trigonometry of the blogging game (the relationships of the lengths, triangles and angles in blogging)

Having lived (by failing and succeeding and trying and having tested as proven) and being well-versed from that, there are quite a few I can name, but I’ll start with the one pretty much everybody wants to do before they die: Write a book-and most others: Publish it and get it in their hands.

As a blogger, who happens to be a natural born writer (and gone to college for journalism and with everything from news writing and reporting to technical writing, the book publishing under my belt), in my 10+ year grind of having gone from an “aspiring writer” to writer/author/publisher; I can turn a dream of “wanting to want my book” to actually doing it.

Having moved from the thought, to the dream, to making it a reality-then learning the actual major to small press and publishing business (and then re-publishing my own 1st book to publishing 4 books (all in hard cover, paperback and digital thereafter); I’m here to let you know it really can happen.

Additionally, self-taught about all the desktop publishing technical, loaded with resources and information about the setup of a publishing company home business (importance of DUNS #’s), licenses involved (how to get an account with major book wholesale manufacturer-distributors + other materials and perks available to publishing companies), professional associations/necessities and resources, I’m here to let you know, it can happen (moving it from the thought, to the dream to the reality and on your own shelf, and major online bookstores)

In this order, it can happen. I did it-from the rooter to the tooter:

  • aspiring writer
  • aspiring publisher own book
  • aspiring writer choosing a (print on demand publisher) v. pros and cons agent to book publisher shopping x (and vs. the digital age)
  • writer/author/publisher and owning your own company + the pros and cons of publisher for yourself and for other “aspiring writers”
  • getting shelved / library catalogued / digital

……………….Surely with receipts to prove it (, + virtual stores’ system to order hard copies and deliver in hand to you).

That would be [one of my] Master classes-as well (other classes) on teaching step by step:

  • book design/typesetting and programs I use to pre-set/pre-flight for distilling and book production
  • production x  manufacturing x distributing your publishing companies’ books (versus selecting a company to do it for you)

and more.

Okay…I could go on and on about this (and may even put the master class program together sooner than later for you!) Until then though, how ’bout we talk about master classes many of your faves hold (available to YOU, online, from a distance):


I came across this online Masterclass, where pros in writing (e.g, James Patterson), sports (Serena Williams), entertainment (Usher), film (Dustin Hoffman) art and photography (Annie Leibovitz)-all teach a Masterclass to show people who want the step-by-step full experience of learning to do what it is they do.

I thought that was a pretty interesting digital concept of sharing your world with people who desire to learn (or just want to know how it is you do what it is you do).

Inspiration can be birthed from that or too, it can be motivating or encouraging just the same.

That being said, let me propose this question to you:

What would

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