WENDY WILLIAMS Invites TINY To Show Serves Up Classic Evasive Wendy: Checklists Surgical Procedures

download (8)  Tameka “Tiny” Cottle stopped by talk show host: Wendy Williams’ show to talk about her new season of the popular VH1 Reality Show called: T.I and Tiny where cameras follow the daily lives of the married couple and their blended family total of 6 kids.


Fans of the show had compared it to the “Cosby Show” of reality television and for this season, the couple + their kids opted to do a “Cosby Show” themed trailer/intro for the show this year which is a kind of a remix of two different Cosby Show intros:



T.I and Tiny’s:

It actually worked out well. I thought it was cute. I do however, wonder how the Cos would feel about it-considering the fact he’s not that great a fan of our generation and thinks we are total hedonistic, immoral heathens aspiring to be, and subscribers to nothing but pure de’ unadulterated f__kery who are all worthless zombies dancing to the beat of the same drum down to our music, our walk, our talk, our slang, and who probably curse our moms for having us, our dads for sleeping with our moms-all that. (Mark my word, he WILL speak on it at some time or another in one of his lil’ videos he posts to his Twitter page-even if it’s indirectly. No really, mark my word-it’s coming. LoL).

At any rate.

images (58) Wendy proceeds to talk about the popular 90’s successful girl group that Tiny was apart of: “Escape” where from there Tiny proceeds to offer the audience and listeners [something that I swear by]: advice about knowing more about your business than artist. For instance, as a writer, don’t just know your craft, know the editor’s function, the publishers function, the advertising/marketing function, the book design function-all that.

For the record, if you’re new to Wendy Williams, at one time (during her radio days and into the early 2000’s) she was not very well-liked (or likable). And those who pretended to like her merely wanted to be kept in her good graces-hoping she’d be graceful-afraid she had the tea on them because they knew she was the type to spill it on the air or anywhere she was lent an ear.

Tiny_on_Wendy  Kinda tacky but then again, ya gotta respect questions being asked that inquiring minds want to know but next, she whipped out the Wendy of old and in her classic throwback Wendy Williams’ late 90’s through early 2000 style, she rolls back the hands of time and began asking invasive questions (that Tiny actually handled very well I might add). She proceeds to ask Tiny about the Instagram wrangle that took place between Tiny and her husband, rapper T.I where he posted that her a$$ was too big.

From there, Wendy segued into asking Tiny if her a$$ was real-Tiny gracefully, and humorously admits that it’s not. But that wasn’t enough for Wendy though-once she’s in and you let her, she goes full-force. She then asked Tiny if her boobs were real. Tiny admitted they weren’t but were a necessity and needed the “lift” after baring children.

When asked if she got a nose job, Tiny stated she wanted to keep her nose as-is because it is her father’s nose. (If you’re a fan of Tiny and watched her other reality show she had, you learned that her father was sick with Alzheimer’s which in 2013, he recently succumbed to since the show went off-air).

I felt badly for her when her dad died and used to watch her show. I loved their interaction and really like and adore Tiny though. And too, on the negative side-the perils, hurtful things and gossip; considering all that comes her way; she seems to handle it all with a subtly aloof quality that is very rare-and I happen to find that to be a redeeming quality. Negative or positive, from the left, or to the right, you cannot pick up any emotional response from her-either way. Her needle and threshold sits RIGHT in the middle like I’ve never seen these women today on reality television/Internet be able to master. It’s amazing to watch. If any emotion picked up-it’s always a smile and a giggle. It’s crazy unusual. She handles herself well in that regard.

Having explained that, if I do take time out to watch a reality show, I am literally in search of “reality”-some dynamics that delve into subjects that I’m either personally interested in, or consider myself experienced/well-read enough such that I [am in search of] and tend to find some good subject matters for topics for my non fiction books-to select those subjects in which I can write/speak well on for my readers.

At any rate.

Whether it be online, at Wendy’s, or on television, she seems to take it all in stride-well.

Good for her.

Here’s the full interview.




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