Weight Loss & Nutrition Myths Debunked by HungryGirl + What To Eat Before & After Working Out!

There are so many claims and false assumptions floating around out there when it comes to weight management. Here are a few myths (and facts!) I’d like to address… Do any of them sound familiar?

Slowing down your eating can speed up your weight loss.
True! It takes some time for your brain to get the message that your stomach has had enough. If you’re just shoveling in food until you feel full, you’re going to feel overloaded by the time your body detects all that you’ve actually eaten. So enjoy your food — don’t rush through it! You just might get a thank-you when you step on the scale.hungry-600x800

Watching TV can cause weight gain.
Not directly, but there is some truth to this one. Studies have found that those who watched the most TV engaged in less physical activity and had poorer diets than those with low TV exposure. How can you avoid being a statistic like this without sacrificing your Scandal fandom? Exercise while you watch — get some cardio in during commercial breaks, or just walk in place through the whole episode.


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