#WednesdayWisdom Just Why BEYONCE Gets The Sensually Salacious Pass AMBER ROSE & KIM KARDASHIAN Never Will


work for it (coming out the gate)-always have, since the olden days and beginning of time.



You’ve gotta “earn” your “h0e” and your sh/t talking.

Social media/new age instant-fame thinkers got it twisted.

At the core of it all, old fashioned reasoning and social politics trump social media’s unreality (but seemingly reality).

At the core of it all-like gender role stereotypes and expectations (old fashioned values, stigmas and such) doesn’t change.

Don’t let the new world order and ways we socialize fool you.

Don’t let these Instagrams and these “four years of building a ‘brand’” and Twitter followers and ability to cash 80 million dollar checks because of, make you think respect and ability to flow and go as you wish is part of that package deal.

That’s where many are caught in the matrix and you get stuck…and you end up (on a daily) relying on these same new age platforms to pull you out of stumps that they themselves won’t because the core of societies basic beliefs don’t change (even with the change in times)…

So (especially as a woman) no matter what, you have to come out the gate a certain kind of way in order to run your race or prance as you wish.

Beyonce came out the gate a certain kind of way and worked + earned her way to be who, and how she wants to be without incident.

Don’t blame (or question) the Who Run The World singer as, it’s just how the world is (even in the world of social media).



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