#WednesdayWisdom Just Why BEYONCE Gets The Sensually Salacious Pass AMBER ROSE & KIM KARDASHIAN Never Will


playing that game, and I didn’t trust or have much respect for Beyonce (as a person) at that point in time—because it was working for her yet, she didn’t want to be *points finger “Kim Kardashian”’d or “Amber Rose”’d…(back in maybe 2010/2011-I even made mention of it on a blog site I would visit).

Fast forward.

Over time (since that), Beyonce began to look as good as she sounded to me and I started having more respect for her as an artist and a person, because, without announcement, she eventually did away with this “Sasha Fierce” character and just continued to be fierce.Beyonce Formation

By the time she dropped her surprise “Beyonce” album-(for me) it was like a metaphor for really no longer being the “lead singer” of Destiny’s Child and simply being who Beyonce always was: full of unapologetically filled with all that she had earned and Beyonce Formation Middle Fingerworked hard for (and could) back up whatever lyrical bravado she spewed.

“Bird” brain social media rhetoric like “yassss,” “push through” and “come through” totally turns my stomach and annoys me in ways like Beyonce once did, but over the past two years, as a Destiny’s Child/Beyonce fan; in my eyes and from my view, YES! Beyonce literally pushed through and came through!

She, just one day (since the surprise album drop) said: “Fck it. This is me. This is it.”

Then she came out with her most brazen song of cocky lyrics (“Flawless”) with another person and somewhere in the song (after spewing her cocky brazen lyrics) waned back and said a line that said something like: “I want every girl to feel this way.”

That, plus collaborating with another person, to me was a lyrical apology for not being fully confident in owning her “cocky” and I was like: “Let it goooooo. Come. Through! Quit Playin.’”

So when she laid low for a while and came back through with Formation

*claps hands slowly

The Rock handclap

…that meant a lot to me for Beyonce. I was sooooooooooo proud for Beyonce because throughout that whole song by her whole self, she finally owned her bravado and “cocky fresh,” sexually provocative self (and caused a bit of a social stir in the process).

She won me over with that but more importantly, won herself back with that. She’s there now and can move how she pleases now, without apology or methodology anymore.

So, to answer Amber, if you want to know why Beyonce can get a pass for it all, here’s why:

As a woman, you gotta

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