#WednesdayWisdom Just Why BEYONCE Gets The Sensually Salacious Pass AMBER ROSE & KIM KARDASHIAN Never Will


song STILL knocks! Listen… I was there, so I can rightfully say what I am about to say…

You see not long after that song, Beyonce went solo. And as a fan of the group-we all sat back like, “okay what’s up…we know she can sing and carry a stage but let’s see how this thing is gonna go.”

Beyonce as Shasha FierceWell, while for the great majority of us Destiny’ Child fans, Beyonce could do no wrong. But (outside of her hot songs) for me-she was all wrong.

Honestly speaking, for a while, I could not stomach Beyonce because everything about her-every move she made-began to seem mechanical, contrived, and carved-carefully methodical so, to me. So when she hopped on this alter ego “Sasha Fierce” thing-I was ultra annoyed because even before the mechanical fingers and alter ego persona she was pushing (in front of who she really was behind it all)…I started seeing her as already being mechanically methodical (versus who I could tell she really was from behind all this shiny, metal exterior she insisted on hiding behind).

As her Destiny’s Child shell shed, and the more this Destiny’s Child’s “lead singer” stepped  forward-she became more provocative in ways that Destiny’s Child wasn’t yet, “Beyonce” stepped back and pushed some woman named “Sasha Fierce” out there and blamed the sexual provocateur on her *points finger

I didn’t buy that sh/t from Beyonce because I could tell she was straddling the fence and meticulously playing it safe so that at any moment she would be met with Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian-like scorn and non acceptance; she could slide right out of the Sasha Fierce persona and go be Destiny’s Child’s lead singer named Beyonce (even throughout her songs like Upgrade You, and Ego).Beyonce King Bey

That annoyed me because I felt like Beyonce didn’t want to be held accountable for what she felt (and knew) worked. Sorta like Amber’s statement, Beyonce’s the whole methodical persona was kinda like the argument of cultural appropriation: where, (whether it be cultural or like in this case: social); when somebody jumps on a bandwagon of something socially popular, they put themselves in a position to play with it without having to deal with the social scorn and ramifications of it because they are not of (the race, class/people) or fully/all in yet, are in the act, but not being.

So despite all her fierceness, Beyonce and this Sasha Fierce sh/t was


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