#WednesdayWisdom Just Why BEYONCE Gets The Sensually Salacious Pass AMBER ROSE & KIM KARDASHIAN Never Will


seen, desired, and/or revered as just as sexy or sexual as the Kim Kardashian’s and Amber Rose’s of the world (of social media), the Kim Kardashian’s and Amber Rose’s will never get the same respect as the Beyonce’s.

This is due in part [by what I wrote about before in a couple articles about ‘first impressions’ and how you come out the gate being the thing that pretty much brand stamps who you are to the world as being your introduction to the world].

glitter gold star A woman always has to be careful about how she comes out the gate. (Although over the slow, uphill climb of sheer talent and skill) loud, sensationalistic social media viral attention grabbing coonery and bullshit or sexual disrobing (stripping), “dating” such and such/video-hoe’ing (grouping) etc. are quick ways to ‘get your name out there,’ unfortunately, that’s exactly where that woman will always be: ‘out there’ – rarely ‘up there’ from there. Luckily Instagram came along to save their lives because more often than not, Instagram is the greatest level in career platform they are ever granted. With all said and done, true or untrue, all ego-stroking starts and stops right there-the one and only place they can sell themselves going forward (rather than onward and upward).

Unfortunately, unlike for men who (regardless their frowned upon controversies) can transition quite well (unlike women), women are held to a different standard and are forever in receipt of unforgiving scorn (when she tries to transition or turn over a new leaf in a more redeemable way than how she first introduced herself to the world).

No matter how many charities she’s on the board of, or [no matter how] buttoned up to the neck she dresses; her sordid and slut-shameful past will forever come back to haunt her (even when she tries to show the world she has more talent or business savvy than her groupie or sexual out the gate past), she can only move so far.

I think that’s terrible. But there’s not a feminist group, speech or organization that can fight that or win that battle. It’s just how we place and position the ‘male’/man and ‘female’/woman. Even light years before social media, gender role expectations where put into place such that that’s how the human race socialized since the beginning of time (regardless the Women’s Liberation Movement and strides made along the way and over time).

glitter gold star*By contrast (example), if you look at “Teen Mom” (Farrah Abraham) who made a stark raving decision to jump from “MTV Teen Mom” to: plastic surgery, to porn, to selling sex books and toys, she will never get a pass to return to how she came out the gate: brand herself as a teen mom and sell mommy type things to the world-ever-not in this life. Because even over how she first came out the gate, as a woman, (and “teen mom”) she did a complete 360 than what was expected of a teen mom-by making the decision to bring slut-shaming upon herself (versus branding herself as a “mom”). Being a woman and having done that, trumps how she came out the gate. Considering society’s gender role expectations, she locked that gate.

That being the case-even over classicism, gender roles stereotypes is largely to blame for disparity (that Amber Rose speaks of and women lock themselves out of), because (unless a man abused a child or a woman), men can


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