#WednesdayWisdom AZEALIA BANKS & ERYKAH BADU Bury The Hatchet + What All Artists Need To Know About Tearing Their A$$ With Thier Fans

Azeablia Bankshad a place in Banks’ heart via her mother’s heart and (unfortunately) these crossed wires of these energies here in social media, made things go haywire.

When it comes to art (whether it be music, poetry/writing, theatre/acting or whatever), it has a tendency bring about emotion and feeling (inspiration). And YOU NEVER KNOW who loves you via a connection to your art that you never knew about…

I had few experiences like that myself and can speak on this. And although I won’t mention names-they know who they are (a couple of’em in music and a couple of’em in acting or comedy or whatever).

Like Banks’ experience (via these same lines of miscommunication and suppositions run amok), they tore they’re a$$ with me (and don’t try and guess because yes, they’ve been blogged-what I do for my business is an entire different animal)—BUT outside of that, I want nothing from them and could care less what’s out on them and (past what I do for the business blogging) don’t even indulge in their “art” that once inspired me.

Like Banks, my heart was so full for their art that once “inspired” me (and one…like Banks too, a total “mom” connection—my now deceased mom l.o.v.e.d her-she put that fire out and like the few others-I can’t stand her-to be honest. I just cannot).

But moving on from that, the point is…(and listen carefully to my words-clap your hands once in between each word/behind every period if you have to, to understand):

Don’t. Get. Up. On. These. Lines. Of. Social. Media. And. Tear. Your. A$$. With. People. Based. Off. YOUR. Personal. Hangups. Or. Feelings. When. A. Person. Has. Done. Nothing. TO. You.

You NEVER know what your art did for them or someone that means a lot TO them.Azaelia Banks 2

Don’t. Tear. Your. A$$. On. Social. Media. Creating. Opposition. With. People. Who. Are. Not. And. Never. Were. Opposed. To. You. Until. YOU. Did. It.

Be careful with those “at’s” and “@’s”’

(And again… listen carefully to my words-clap your hands once in between each word/behind every period if you have to, to understand): Be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions …………….Towards. People. Who. Have. Done. Nothing. TO. You.

glitter gold starMore importantly own your initial action/s to/towards/at or @ where you initiate opposition.

Do not tear your image and you’re a$$ with people over your own thoughts and issues. Not every fan is a fanatic of you and not on social media to tell you how much you inspire them (for a retreat, tweet-cred and shine and attention from you). Just because they are silent and not @’in you doesn’t mean they don’t like you or respect your work.


You NEVER know their endearing story behind what your art may have done for them. Banks was so gracious and sweet, and you can tell by her outpouring of words-she needed that off her chest. But not everybody’s like that. For some people you can’t get that back.

Don’t blow your image in the eyes of the (truly) inspired based off your own issues or opposition that never was. Get a hold of (and over yourself) before a real fan does. Of all the checks you can write, that is one check you Just. Can’t. Cash.

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