#WednesdayWisdom AZEALIA BANKS & ERYKAH BADU Bury The Hatchet + What All Artists Need To Know About Tearing Their A$$ With Thier Fans

Palin and Banks

Although Azealia Banks can probably count on that promise [that Bristol and Sarah Palin made] to make its deposit soon, one thing that was charged to the game was her social media snafu with Other Side of the Game singer: Erykah Badu.

If you remember early last year, Azaelia Banks had some choice words for Badu which spiraled out of control-choice words stemming from a misunderstanding in which a random fan on Twitter (inadvertently) got a tiff going between Banks and Badu which ended with Badu cleverly submitting to the entire thing (leaving it up to Banks sensibly to bow out gracefully as well).

Although the war of words sort of left things open-ended, an inadvertent chat (@fatbellybella) Badu was having with her fans yesterday brought the two together again: this time, in the most sweetest exchange of words by which Badu extended a loving olive branch by which (@AzealiaBanks) Banks humbly, welcomed and obliged.

“@AzealiaBanks sis. 1 thing I know 4sho about YOU is that you r an advocate 4 your folks. For that, I humbly apologize.”badu banks

Banks replied:

“Ok. I accept, and unblocked. I grew up on your music and you got my mother thru lots of heartbreak and pain.”

Be still my heart.

*clutches chest

She continued:

“was very taken aback when you threw me shade. I’m glad its over now. My mother will be happy about this / and I apologize for all the stupid things I said in response. I honestly look up to you and think your[’e] incredible”

“Yes sis,” replied Badu.



I must say. Of all the things I see straight through as unreal and for “show” that there was real and coming from Banks’ a complete ‘bout-face all things considered (her reputation for getting it crackin’ with other celebs that one way).

Let me say something here (regarding Banks’ plight).

Like “love” or “friend,” it’s easy to throw around those one-syllable words, but those short words have long, resounded meanings and people often use them in place of/and for the fact that sometimes, something like ‘love’ or closeness like a friend we feel may require a longer explanation that we just don’t have on hand at the moment. So we jump to the one syllable word (like too: “inspire”).

Inspire: inspiration, (derived from/like) spiritual, (derived from/like) spirit, (derived from/like) ignite, (derived from) fire.
Fire is a gas-unseen but definitely felt. Chemistry will tell you that. And (figuratively) under your feet, a$$ (or heart); fire (and true inspiration) will move you to action e.g:  “Set you on fire.”

Although Banks didn’t use the word “inspire,” essentially, what she said her mom felt was just that (and via Badu’s music), it made her feel something that got her over and through “heartbreak and pain.” That’s what (true) inspiration really does to you-it make you (truly) feel something and brings you to it, through it and (truly) makes you want to do it (whatever ‘it’ may be).

When it’s real and true, (like “friend” or “love”) you just don’t say it (as a convenience for lack of a better word).

So all that said, let me say this, and Erykah is innocent (to some regard), because as per the context-she was defending herself. Yet, what she DID say @ Banks’ fire out (when she made reference to not getting her/her music/ “it”).

It’s unfortunate that (little did Badu know) she

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