We Are Gathered Here Today in Holy Michael-Money: DEBBIE ROWE Engaged to Be Married, Rumored to Want Custody of PARIS, PRINCE (And BLANKET)

The cash cow is coming of age, love is in the air, and the rooster is coming to nest.

prince-paris-jackson Debbie Rowe, 55, former nurse and ex-wife and mother of the first two children of the late Michael Jackson’s two children [Paris, 16 and Prince Michael Jackson,17], is engaged to be married again-to Marc Schaffel th (2) (gay porn producer and well-documented long-time friend of Michael Jackson’s). Rowe met Schaffel when he was working for Michael Jackson, and over the years, their friendship evolved.

th  Sources say the two have been splitting time spent with one another between her Palmdale home and his L.A home.

th (1) According to reports, this all came about when Schaffel proposed about three weeks ago and Rowe declined, thinking that at the time, she had terminal cancer. On “Hump Day” this past week, after finding out she was indeed over that lump and learning that her lymph node irregularities were because of a non life-threatening an auto-immune disease [called Sarcoidosis]; she changed her mind and said: “I Will,” (no official date has been set yet). Rowe tells TMZ (about her kids): “They’ve known him since they were little” and ‘They like him a lot.” She also expressed: “He loves me, knows my kids, loves my kids and we’ll see where this goes.”

Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe  th (3) Eighteen years ago [1996 while six months pregnant with son Prince Michael] although they lived separately (never together as husband and wife), Rowe and the King of Pop married in Sydney Australia. In 1999, their divorce was final and the provisions and circumstances were as follows:

Rowe received a $6 million dollar settlement and agreed to give up custody of the kids with a visit allowed every 45 days.

Now here’s the OTHER SIDE to all of this:

1230-paris-debbiemother-daughter-gallery-480w  According to reports, Rowe is now considering pursuing legal guardianship of not only her two children (Paris and Prince) but [and this is redeemable, I must say]…as well: Blanket Jackson (who to date, we are all clueless about who is biological mom is). Insider sources say that Debbie Rowe has been worried about the environment the children are living in at guardian/grandmother/Jackson matriarch: 83 year-old Katherine Jackson’s Calabasas. As well, Rowe is growing more and more concerned with the frequent absence of co-guardian: TJ Jackson [in exchange for?] for the frequent presence of the kids’ uncles [Jermaine, Marlon, Tito, Jackie].

Although all this sounds like a takeover is underway (looking/seeing as though she is about to be looking like the happily wedded wife in a stable home) from there, Rowe is sitting all her ducks in a row in preparation for Prince Michael and Paris’ and the coming of age; she insists she is not in search of a payday, but would have the kids move to her Palmdale horse ranch.

Paris, who if you remember, reportedly tried to commit suicide last June [2013] and was hospitalized then shipped off to a boarding school for treatment in Utah. Just recently, she was seen out with brother Blanket and [co-guardian cousin] TJ’s kids in Southern California last month.



paris-jackson-debbie-rowe-together-05-480w It has gone on record that Rowe honestly stated she was closer to Paris than she was to Prince.

Paris was seen with her mom over the holidays out on a Hawaiian vacation.


Rowe was asked to testify in the August 2013 wrongful death trail [of Dr. Conrad Murray] where [she said of Paris about the death of Michael Jackson and her apparent suicide attempt]: Debbie-Rowe-Engaged-583x330  “I almost lost my daughter. She is devastated. She tried to kill herself.… She doesn’t feel like she has a life anymore.”
Source: LATimes


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