Was NICKI MINAJ’s “Pervert 17” Jersey a Dig At TYGA (Or Just Coincidence?)

11212608_482720225216550_936301588080292536_oThe Internet is a buzz with doing what it does best: Checking pixels for pulse and pulling up on conclusions via pieced-together premises.

As you may well know, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj did a surprise drop of their 2014 hit song: “Feeling Myself.”

Well, if you weren’t Tidal-privy to seeing the video (and by some slim chance knew nothing about Other Side of the Fame and didn’t know we had it right here for you to view), in one of the video scenes, Nicki Minaj wears a jersey that has the words: “Pervert” and the number “17” written in front of it.

What-had-happened was…as you may well know, there’s a consistent saga continuing regarding twenty-something year old rapper Tyga dating 17 year-old Kylie Jenner.

The Internecks have pretty much taken the subliminal shirt worn in the scene as Minaj making a statement about Tyga [with whom she once had a friendly label-mate relationship with] being that “pervert” for dating a girl-17.



Be that as it may, things aren’t always what they seem, as pop culture history would have it that Janet Jackson was a lover of the ORIGINAL “Pervert” line of t-shirt digs-which was started by a young guy in Florida who had since had been rumored to have packed up his life and skateboarded off to some cult he was alleged to have gotten involved in.


Since then the words “pervert” being slapped on a t-shirt (with a different number than 2-as shown on Janet’s) is now taken over by Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci.

The shirt was introduced in Givenchy’s 2013 campaign and also worn by Jay Z at his “Magna Carter” album after party:


Whether or not what Nicki wore is a stitch from the block of the originator’s or Givenchy’s closet and wearing it in the video was meticulously planned or no, remains to be explained.

It pays to investigate before you insinuate. Some things are pure coincidence.

See? 🙂

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