Kim Kardashian may not be known for any talent in particular but if mimicry were a revered talent, she’d be the Beyonce of it.

Kim_SolangingImage by Rog WalkerPictures are floating around the Internet of Kim in a oddly similar pose with mannequins; eerily similar to the photos of Solange’s wedding group picture where (all, dressed in white) she and several of her guests (which included Beyonce, Janelle Monae, her cousin Angela Beyince, her mother Tina Knowles and others) were standing mannequin-like and stoic: like mannequins themselves.

Kim_Beyonce'nIt very well could be a coincidence that Kim just so happened to have struck a pose with a room full of mannequins while dressed in white, but considering the fact rather than posing like all the mannequins around her—hip: dipped/one leg/foot in front of the other; Kim elected to capture mimic the very same straight pose as Beyonce’s [in Solange’s wedding photo-standing].

kanye ad kim elevatorsolange jayz julian beyonce elevatorConsidering the fact that shortly after the May 5 elevator incident where Solange was caught on tape wailing on Jay Z, Kim posted a photo of she and Kanye (on an elevator) but instead: kissing and hugging—as if…[to say or display…what?].

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