‘Walking Dead’s CHAD COLEMAN Loses It On NYC Subway – Later Apologizes

*cue the Cheers theme

Well it’s like the song says:

Sometimes you wanna go: where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came. You wanna go where you can see. The troubles are all the same.


In a rant [where he] mentions the word “humanitarian” seasoned with a dash of “if you truly care,” either Walking Dead actor Chad Coleman was a bit pissed that no one

  • gave up their seat on the subway for him
  • noticed him
  • or perhaps in lieu of the issues in Baltimore-he had some things he wanted to get off his chest

In a video captured and gone viral (showing Chad going ape shi|t), the actor aggressively (and disturbingly) walks up and down the aisle ranting about who he/his name was, and what movies he’s starred in, under the guise of giving some passion-filled speech about what it means to be a humanitarian.

I dunno.

See for yourself:



As details emerged about the incident, turns out, (as reported) Coleman went berserk when he “heard two people on the train talking about him”…[quote] because the woman recognized him [unquote].



Sources say a guy told a girl ‘No, we don’t know that n—-a,’ …and that set him off.

Although it seems that Coleman was either:

  • that desperate for publicity and attention for 15 seconds of shame
  • got his ego shattered badly for not being recognized
  • missed his meds that morning
  • was drunk

…he swears by the fact that he was not drunk and was simply overwhelmed with emotions stemming from the issues in Baltimore. He says he wished he could have controlled his emotions a little better and apologized to the Walking Dead cast and his family.

Coleman appeared in the popular hit show The Wire-and also appeared in Horrible Bosses and The Green Hornet.

As well as, he was a regular cast-member on The Walking Dead until season five where he starred in 22 episodes.


*in my best Jay Z voice and rendition, I say: “Clap for the ‘n—a’ with his acting a$$.”



All jokes aside. Behavior like that on a plane would have thwarted plans mid-air…

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