WALE Apologizes For Celebrating Objectifying Black Women w/Pic of Object of Subject That Came To Life & Undone On Him + Is Hip-Hop Culture Growing Over The Superficial Hump Already?

Objectifying and judging women unfairly may be a thing of the past as rapper Wale may very well be over calling “flat drinks” ‘A-cups’ going forward.



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The “No Hands” rapper felt a sudden burst of remorse and took it upon himself to post a meme of a well-endowed woman who, physically, fit the bill of the typical types of dames notorious for being in the company, club, or videos of rappers like himself.


Well this time around, rather than he (and his peers’) typical celebration and “use” for such types, Wale used a meme picture of a woman as an example to apologize to black women the world over for [quote] making yall ever feel like you need to ruin what God gave you [end quote].

Wale and ms miami

While his empathetic sentiments may have been much appreciated by some, one person who didn’t appreciate it was the woman on the meme-herself who climbed right out of that photo, in to life and down on Wale and advised him to shut up and informed him that she only listens to rap artist Future anyways (followed by a quote from Future’s latest song with rap artist Drake):

Tag @wale and tell him “Shut up”I only listen to @future ?
“See how we came from the mud and the bottom, we did it
I see how they countin’ this out
Bet they ain’t never gonna do it again
You see why these niggas be hatin’, ignorin, I’m goin’ right in
I was born to get this money in this life of sin” ? @champagnepapi @futureFuture/Drake – Digital Dash ——————-



My thoughts: 
I just think it’s funny that a rapper who said he posted this meme did it to uplift the black women but he did it by putting one down. And it seem females feel better about themselves by putting me down. Mannnn shit crazy but these same black people want to talk about injustices, discrimination, and lack of togetherness as a race. It seem people only come together for fights, and bullying. Y’all some funny black people I swea #blacklivesmatter




Slowly but surely, this subject of to be  or not to be [proud of your new body parts] is starting to straddle the fence of the hip hop/R&B scene as, just earlier this month (November 4, 2015), singer K Michelle made the big announcement that she was considering undoing her augmented lady parts in an effort the get her old body back:


….a stark contrast and different tune she was singing to the very November 3 2014 date just last year-although admitting to-but claiming to be okay with altering her body:

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