WAFFLE HOUSE Shooter Denied Bail + Why JAMES SHAW, The ‘Hero’ Who Saved The Day, Should Not Be Denied-Come What May


Speaking of being released from prison.

The $2 million bail (that many agree shouldn’t have be been set) for Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking was ultimately revoked.



As you may or may not know, this past weekend, Reinking was arrested after pulling up to a Nashville Waffle House  killing two outside and proceeding to entering the restaurant-killing two more.




As we are empathizing and the vic’s families are healing, I won’t spend time spilling the deets on the story or Reinking’s backstory, but I will drop you a few headlines to read more on that, why he was previously arrested near the White House and too, the backstory on the other man (many feel) is responsible for Reinking being in possession of the guns used to kill innocent victims.


What I do want to point you to in this particular blog, is the stories behind the victims killed in the shootings:  Taurean C. Sanderlin, 29, Joe R. Perez, 20, DeEbony Groves, 21, Akilah DaSilva, 23—all young, hardworking and/or had promising futures ahead of them.


Additionally, what I do want to put the spotlight and focus attention on is the gentleman who risked his life to apprehend the suspect amid his trying to reload and shoot rounds again.

That man’s named is James Shaw, 29.



Now although (in pretty much every single video interview the young man is on-he makes it clear that he is in no way a “hero” or interested in being treated or fawned over as such), the fact of the matter is; had he not been there, things could have been more worse than was.

“He was going to have to work to kill me”


Given my opinion of and vision being clouding and warped by what I see on a daily basis (online and out in the world) one thing I do appreciate (and softened my hard heart) is the fact that some things he said was confirmation (to me) that there are still people out here in the world that I thought no longer existed anymore.

There really is NORMAL, sound-spirited people in the world not looking or seeking to be validated, praised, or revered for doing HUMAN things that (even he says in so many words) was [a] mere fight or flight response-a response that ultimately saved lives that night (regardless).



As an egalitarian who feels that (by default) when it comes to the human condition and plight; what’s for the greater good is, and should be priority—even over our personal views and desires.

I just wanted to highlight and say this: essentially, that is what James Shaw did. And although he is brutally honest in admitting that his fight or flight response was simply to live; what he ultimately did was for the greater good (nonetheless).

And again I say, (versus playing into what many in today’s ‘thumbs up’ world would take on as altruism in such a heroic effort) although he admits he was trying to simply de-escalate a situation in order to come out alive, still, his actions were altruistic nonetheless. His actions were a testament to the REAL-LIFE VISUAL of what egalitarianism is.

Having said all that, it had come across my desk that a Go-Fund-Me account was set up so that (at least) his child/children could be in receipt of funding for college or (done so) some provision or some kind could be made-so as to thank James Shaw for what he did, (regardless).

All that said, in the middle of my ‘busy,’ (with this being on my mind and ‘to do’ for days), I did want to say that I can’t stress enough how reFRESHING it was [to know] that (in today’s climate) there are still [TRULY and demonstratively humble, sound-spirited, egalitarian in action] people out here in OUR WORLD the WE live in today.

Although he is honest in what and why did what he did, he should be just as adorned with substantial thanks that we often see going viral for those wearing capes and false modesty.

On a lighter note and speaking of capes.

I was so delighted and take aback that there really was a sound-spirited human being out left in the world, the guy practically felt like Superman to me (and if you follow me, you KNOW how I feel about Superman).

So if you know that, then know that this was me (yes, I’m SO dramatic):



Yes, this was me-especially her head poem while they were on their excursion): Yes. LoL



On a serious note and in closing though, I want to send you off with this:

Take some time out of your day, off social media, smart phones, the superficial, self x instant gratifying lives that we live, live around (or lead) and study what egalitarianism (versus libertarianism and socialism) is.

Take some time to study and what altruism is.

Tuck those things in your psyche’s pocket and know those forms of super-power integrity.

You see, we live in a culture right now where, to go viral or play into hero-humility and social media sensation; your pot of gold grows. It grows because every body has something to gain from you (via Tweet, post, photo op, pic and all forms of media). But just because this young man is not out here playing into the sensation of it all, his cup runneth over should be no less than if he was playing into/milking these 15 minutes.

As a champion of merit over social media media gone social viral. I’m so OVER this + these types:  (entities and especially-PEOPLE) strategically highlighting, praising and raising up (only) what they too, can benefit from or be connected to (for a highlight). I’m so OVER functionings and setups like that-people altering who they are, what they feel and what they do in order to become a part of that-in order to be apart of the subscription to that. That is SO tired, typical and obvious (and ultimately fly-by-night and fleeting).

That’s puppet vibes-not positive vibin.’ There is nothing ‘positive’ about (not) doing, thinking, praising and glazing what, or who may not be reciprocally beneficial to and for you and your self-gratifying top or bottom line.

Everyone claims that they want positive vibes, peace and “positivity” yet, (everyone) plays into this culture rooted in self-gratifying reciprocity. That’s not (necessarily) “positive.” That’s puppet vibes-not positive vibin.’ There is nothing ‘positive’ about (not) doing, thinking, praising and glazing what, or who may not be reciprocally beneficial to and for you. There is NOTHING deeply “positive” about that at all. Things LIKE that is what’s altering personalities and people.  Making zombies and creating puppets of psyches (and pretty much everyone today). it doesn’t take a crowd or thumbs or social media knobs to validate that some one body/or somebodies are doing or did some great and noteworthy things. It doesn’t make it or them not worthy, great, or so because there’s no superficial social media noise. Stop pretending that noteworthy, remarkable people aren’t worth remarking simply because they aren’t beneficial to YOUR top or bottom line. With regard to ‘positivity.’ I only want to work with, for, around and shine light on people who (first) are noteworthy-whether there’s noise around them (or not). I absolutely have no patience interest, (or empathy) for people who are slaves to that-and are chasing noise over noteworthiness.

It may not be ‘fun’ or ‘popular’ that James Shaw is laying low. But as record of reminder: Although it was unfortunate that four didn’t get saved, that man saved LIVES in Waffle House that day. Figuratively, in thought or literally: Pay him like you owe him-like you would a pizza-face kid being bullied and going viral. Pay him figuratively, in thought or literally, like (you did) survivors of massacres they didn’t ask for-that, too, took a stand. James Shaw (singularly) took a stand too. Before the interviews die down and the silence comes in to play-pay him. Give him a book deal (too). Give him the floor (she he want it), too.

Stop falling back, shoulders up, with you finger stuck in your mouth peeking and choosing to hang back because the surrounding audience is quiet or because the hero or greatness is silent. Stop participating in being apart of this culture fostering this idea that silence doesn’t have a sound. Stop participating and being apart of this social media media gone social culture and that’s demonstrative that magnetism isn’t magnetic simply because YOU elect to tune it out, turn your back and make a positive a silent negative because its non-rah-rah may not benefit you.

Stop rewarding groupthink yet, punishing TRUE innovators and creators who are TRULY influencing on levels greater than social media-made knobs as the masses tip-toe around them waiting on the choir to sing with them before they are acknowledged, appreciated and able to live off and from their contributions.

If you, like me, are turned off by the daily hum-drum of all the same-ole with those same M-O’s (opposite the James Shaw’s); take this story and this guy with a glimmer of hope or light in the dark that there are still NORMAL, sound-spirited people in the world that (truly love themselves) such that they are willing to take a bullet to live.

‘I Just Wanted to Live,’ Says Man Who Wrested Rifle From Waffle House Gunman

And with that being the case, know and take this with you: Should YOU be blessed to be around, or in the presence of such people (personally, interpersonally, professionally, on social media, in passing—or even at Waffle House), the life they save can ultimately be yours, too.

James Shaw rushed and disarmed a shooter at a Waffle House in Nashville early Sunday. “I’m just a regular person,” he said, though his actions suggested otherwise. Credit Shawn Poynter for The New York Times


Yes, like this, let me (and the world) be a witness to so much more of this:

Yes, literally speaking, keep UP the ‘good work!’

Even if he rejects it, for a long, long while at least, don’t let the noise go down around him.

At a mere $100k from the $25k that Go Fund Me page was a few days ago when I first saw it, despite the volume not being turned up on lots of special interest reciprocity; don’t let the magnitude of what he did fade to back.

Don’t let those slow pennies fall by the wayside as reflective of his being in the right place, at the right time and proximity of the killer be reduced to the worth of a penny with a hole in it. That man saved lives. It was about to go down Waffle House that day but instead, he took the killer down and sent him out.

If it weren’t for him, those people in those yellow benches on that greasy Waffle House floor were about to lay down, pray, cry, die and fry by the barrel of that burning gun that James Shaw took.

Image result for james Shaw gun burn

Even if he doesn’t want it, rejects popularizing it and doesn’t want reveling in it. Feel free to annoy him with your bank or thanks.

In closing, I need to say this:

Yes. These people creating these mass killings (obviously) have some deviant, underlying mental health issues. But even they-down to the #TidePodChallenge eaters-all have one thing in common: The need to be recognized, go viral, be seen, be heard, be noticed. The fact of that matter is: EVERY human being has that need. But now that media has gone social and major brands and companies can cut out the COSTLY (advertising/marketing) and work involved in their big money bottom line. By jumping and attaching to what has already gone viral; they are sending messages to ALL and EVERYBODY that to kill and eat Tide Pods (just the same) can get you noticed or nourished. It won’t be UNTIL these brands, big companies (and people) STOP rushing to viral but rather, what’s truly noteworthy (first), the world at large won’t calm down and be at peace (and sensibility) with accepting our way of being connected through technology as a mere (and wonderful) part of life THAT (like before it was invented) WE HAD TO WORK FOR AND TRULY DO NOTEWORTHY THINGS for-not just because eat Tide Pods, stand on ledges of buildings or kill somebody for.

Stop fostering and pushing the idea that random, baby-mamas and drama queens can truly peel from a ratchet reality show (while in the midst of partying and parlaying), punch out a 300-page book that’s (worthy of?) and hits the New York Times Best Seller’s list among real and skilled writers who wrote in blood, sweat and tears. When (the reality) is: A ghost-writer took over the 90% of writing work from a verbal story told, an agent was secured, the Publishers Weekly connect was set and scribed, and the ready-made advertising and marketing to [an ignorant about it world of people-buying into bypassing work] is already out there in the world and especially on social media. Just because there’s a larger market for the easy way to “success” doesn’t necessarily negate true “success.” That entire campaign built around such fckery has always amazed me, especially by way of such a prestigious news media source. How about simply, a Best Sellers List (for real writers) and another Best Seller’s list for people with careers that (have people on the roster) that feel they need to add writer “author” to their resume in order to increase their popularity, range, reach and ultimately-income.

Stop developing and executing systems like that—yet expect for the world to not be filled with Tide Pod Challenge eaters and mass murders with fantasies of being “relevant” by going viral.

Stop giving rise and way for group thinkers to actually feel that (regular folks) making a Times Influential 100 (and the r redundantly awarded accolades) is the result pretending that you truly, personally and individually care about the thousands or millions of followers following you and you ‘want them to win,’ when (essentially) you really want to hold their attention in order to turn the knobs of social media in and effort to ‘validate’ your “influence” because you see that that’s all it takes to be considered “influential” and to be “successful.”

Stop with the secret silly social smokescreens and get back to enforcing, applauding, and rewarding real hard and smart work rather than tip-toeing around it because its noise is lower because that crowd is seems smaller. These few examples are few of the many as to why we have certain types among us (all wanting the same things) but just going about them in quick, destructive or mentally and emotional self-destructive ways.

Stop setting up (and playing into) systems that (make it seem) seem like the holy grail to “success” because it’s cheaper on your top and bottom line and the audience is large and  wide. To those very same people, you send messages to them that the way to notoriety or success can (too) be obtained by deviate (or desperate) acts and behavior. Some choose desperate, others: deviate. Either way, its DESTRUCTIVE.

To that end, where are the $500k George Clooney’s, the matching $500k Oprah’s? The big-money companies and media markets that circulated currency congrats to surviving? This man, this (one man), saved lives, made it back to his family–and enabled others inside that Waffle House [to] make it home to theirs. Unfortunately, this one act of (inadvertent) egalitarian and altruistic survival didn’t have a “cause” that gave birth to rally to go viral. But if big brands, big companies and big (and small) people rally for people like this, perhaps (like him) it just may instill wills to live that (like him) ultimately give others life.

Author: Angela Sherice