{Video} Was BERNIE SANDERS Walking the Walk He Talks–Even At Age 21?

Is this Bernie Sanders being arrested? from Kartemquin Films on Vimeo.


Bernie Sanders and a youngin protesting


Like Trump…(and all candidates) while Bernie Sanders seems to wine, dine and speak the ‘language’ of the audience with which he is trying to reach,



…for many, he almost seems too good to be true.

Perhaps, maybe it is though and judging from his history and looks of things, Sanders is about to re-up renegers and skeptics.

0d018bd8898e322cb32b0593a481528dStraight off the heels of his Nevada Democratic Caucus loss, all may not be lost for ole Bernie as his street cred quotient just may go up now that a video has surfaced of the democratic presidential hopeful literally walking the walk he talks.young bernie sanders protesting

With comparison pages surfing all across the Internet proving Bernie’s current claims and cred align with his footprint of the past, video actual footage was just released showing a young Bernie (then-a 21 year old student of University of Chicago) in action: Protesting segregation and being hauled off by police in August 1963. Sanders was arrested for resisting arrest.

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