#Valentines Day Kisses (And Misses)


Valentines Day is traditionally for lovers and for the love of those we love, who love us.

Kissing, candy or sentiments from small to large are the play of the day and the name of the game.kiss

In spirit of the day, check out these cute videos of how these parent’s children are reacting to dad kissing mommy. (Make special note of that theory of the Oedipus Complex-said to be that long term stage in boys’ life where their first “love” is their mommy.

If you’re one of the many who’ve followed me even before blogging here and have read my excerpts to my unpublished book called Feel Like A Lady, Deal Like A Man, Tips & Secrets on Everything from: Self-Esteem, Friends, Love, Sex, and Men, you’ve read me mention the Oedipus Complex (when I wrote chapters about decoding and uncovering men from the core).

Below the videos, I posted the excerpt chapter gem where first began talking about the Oedipus Complex (from my book’s old website). Shortly, for your reading, entertainment (and information), I will pull and repost other excerpt passages from various chapters where I mentioned “Oedipus Complex.” But first, take a look at these BABY BOYS…with some serious Oedipus Complexes going on-all from various race, and ethnicities:

This little boy here is disgusted-almost physically disgusted. Watching his dad kiss his mommy is nearly painful:



This cutie here is all the things babies are made of. I love watching and playing with babies because they are the instinctual creatures that the world forces us to hide with other things as we grow older, and in order to adapt.

This baby’s instincts are so good that, he gets tired of dad kissing mom and playing the kissing game back and forth (between he and dad kissing mom), that he stops and kisses dad (thinking that will make him stop kissing mom). Watch what happens:



This (with binky in mouth) is jealous:



This baby here (speaking Chinese) smacks his dad and pulls his dad away from mommy. He even scolds mommy:



And these two cutie hates mom and dad kissing too:


…(I don’t know if they’ve given us girls a complex for loving our dads as little girls, but this lil’ one’s got it):


This lil’ guy has a conniption fit too–and smacks his mom and pulls her hair for kissing dad:


This little boy here flat out identifies what the Oedipus Complex is said to be about: When little boys have crushes on and think they are in love with their mommy’s. At dad kissing mom, he flat out says: “because. I. am. in. LOVE.”

Mom: “With who?”

Son: With YOU…URGH!!!”




As talked about in the beginning, here are some of those Oedipus Complex mentions. It starts (in the book) in this link excerpt:


…and various other “Oedipus Complex” mentions throughout  Feel Like A Lady, Deal Like A Man, Tips & Secrets on Everything from: Self-Esteem, Friends, Love, Sex, and Men:





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