“You Can’t Swim With Us”: USA SWIMMING Bans Brock Turner + Reportedly, The Stanford Student Snapped Pics of Victim’s Boob, Passed To Buddies & History of Drug Use

sentence. That stiff prison sentence was reduced to a limp six months of county jail and probation, reason being [that] the judge feared a longer sentence would have a “severe impact” on the aspiring Olympic swimmer.

To add insult to the injury, injuries (of his light sentence and having been assaulted altogether) during the trial, at the hands of his attorneys, the then 21 year-old woman was made to look as if she consented to sex behind the filth dumpster with Brock.

Now 23 years old, (conscious) and yet, in total disbelief; the victim took to BuzzFeed and got a chance to express herself regarding Turner’s light sentencing, and anger at the fact that Turner denied sexually assaulting her. The woman expressed that she hoped this situation wakes people up and asserts that despite Brock not getting his just desert, the judge only ignited a “tiny fire” and she will speak even louder going forward:


Although Brock Turner’s middle class mother wanted to let the record state that with Brock’s two other sibling’s mounting student loan debt and their having to downsize their home-[that] Brock was far from the privileged life everyone assumed he was is [from], unfortunately, we can’t make a case of ‘acute crazy of patterned crazy eyed crazy’ where Brock is concerned who (like the Planned Parenthood shooter, the Aurora Colorado shooter, and the “missing” runaway bride)


…share the same ‘crazy eyes,’ he did do something even crazier [than his itty bitty sentence]. According to the Daily Mail, reportedly, he took photo’s of the victims breast and texted to his buddies.

Brock snaps womans breast

The photos or character statements were never brought into the case as, it’s said the photos were deleted. One of the Swedish students who busted Brock in action claimed to have indeed seen him taking pics of the woman sometime in this (so I’m guessing they watched what seemed like a couple getting it on but perhaps when he started taking photos, the guys reacted and then held Turner captive until authorities came?)


Either way, loads of either inadmissible things or other evidence that very well could have been used against him in the court of law so help him the victim God-didn’t.

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