The U.S’ #1 Fan (Yet Again) Out of Hand: North Korea’s KIM JUNG UN Threatens To Now Have Thermonuclear Bomb, Experts Doubt It


Kim Jung Un’s feeling ignored.

I guess we’re having a little too much fun with Trump, trending topics, trophies and and other U.S leisurely luxuries that are very much apart of our enviable culture of entertainment, sports and other liberties (we have no idea is coveted in many countries aboard).

Despite our own individual personal gripes we may have about who, and what should happen when, where or how; the fact of the matter is-to the world outside looking in, they wanna be down—or take us down.

With Dennis Rodman back home and awaiting reply back on his offer to date Cait—after being summoned to the communist country of North Korea to hang out and play with U.S wanna-be leader Kim Jong Un in search of some U.S energy, our regularly scheduled programming was interrupted this morning by the leader going through another one of his bouts of boredom.

Rather than, like February 2015’s detonation of “test” missiles, this time, Jong Un warned us this morning that he now has the capability to produce a hydrogen bomb (a.k.a a thermonuclear bomb)—which, reportedly, can be 100 times more powerful than

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