TYRESE Puts Unidentified Woman On Blast for Discovering (via her phone) She Researched His Net Worth

Welp. TLC sings the line best:

“That nickel gotta be true. Cause otherwise this ‘B’ aint got no time for you.”

We’re guessing that’s what some woman in the world was thinking about while searching for the G’s on actor/singer Tyrese.Image result for tyrese

Although he didn’t name the woman, some dame just ruined her chances of a possibly being saved by  with Tyrese, or that woman was just…you know…taking a scroll to see if Tyrese’s net worth was up to par or standards [to match hers?].

Either way, the handsome crooner wasn’t too happy about what he discovered about that [quote] “B,” [unquote].

While out while the (unnamed young lady), he asked to use her device (because his battery was dead on his), and low and behold: the unsuspecting lad went to her Safari search engine where his name (face) and net worth information popped right up in front of his eyes and in his hands!

Uhh…For the record, we are going to add this subject to our OSFChannel8 Sex/Relationship/Intimacy as, we are loading them up with subject matters like such so as to be of service or sounding board to our readers about life, sex, and love matters of all kinds. As I am blogging, lurking and reading-I look for stuff like this that not only happened in the world of entertainment, but too, real world men and women could use/have honest, candid, discourse and discussion about.

At any rate.

Although he has since deleted what you’re about to read, I’ll late Tyrese tell you about what-had-happened:

Image result for girl checking tyrese net worth



Now let the record state that he has been linked to actress Sanaa Lathan and his Baby Boy co-star Taraji P. Henson (especially after paying her a great/grand Internet compliment just last month-in celebration of her hit show Empire).

That doesn’t mean this (unnamed woman) was either one of them-it too, could have very well been some regular chick.

Who knows.

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