TYRESE Interviews w/ SWAY Re: His #OscarsSoWhite Plight & CHRIS ROCK Stepping Down as Host

With all the unity (and enmity) and fear of career eulogies on the table yet, across the Internet and television regarding what who said-shouldn’t, Shame R&B crooner Tyrese (who, for the past few days) has been on the chopping rocking block for being on top of the list for feeling comedian Chris Rock should step down (from hosting the upcoming awards ceremony).




Well Tyrese took to a morning radio show (Sway in the Morning) to explain himself and did us all one better: explained himself and his points from all sides from: LGBT, black, brown, McDonald’s to media) in a way that attached itself to no one particular race, or situation but rather: rational and logical reasoning (as to why he has strong feelings about the Oscar boycott / #OscarsSoWhite situation).

For now, if you’re pressed for time and don’t have an entire 30 minutes to listen to the interview in its entirety, the 4:00-12:00 should enlightening you-his honesty is raw and rare given his occupation where the fear of being blackballed/blacklisted keeps the greatest majority of celebrities hidden behind their ‘image’ versus their (real) identity and all that they really feel.

Tap in below:

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