TYRA BANKS’ Confirmation of Sequel to “LIFE-SIZED” Brings Larger Than Life MILEY CYRUS Down to Size

th  Here of late, Miley Cyrus may have been running around television and social media rolling her tongue out…

th (5)  th (2) twerking…

 th (3) sassing…

us-censors-miley-cyrus-smoking-pot-while-accepting-mtv-europe-awardand fancy; but all it took was the waving of a viral magic wand to send her tongue wagging and woo her right back to her Disney roots and th (6) ‘Hand’s Up (Party in the USA)’ cowgirl boots.

   129562-original  Tyra Banks smized and sashayed her way right into the dreams of 127223-original  th (1)  countless girls [now] behaving badly who just a little over ten years ago, were screeching, screaming tweens that all shared a love of a movie called: “Life-Sized.”

130128-original “Life-Sized” was a movie about a grieving, heartbroken little girl (played by Lindsay Lohan) who lost her mother and tried bringing her back to life with a spell but instead, she brings her Barbie Doll “Eve” (played by Banks) to life.

124431-original  Rumors of the movie’s highly anticipated sequel have been circulating for a while now but Tyra officially confirmed the sequel is actually in the works—for sure.

126732-original  “I have a meeting today, to go over the script! I swear! I don’t think it’ll be out until probably 2015, but I’m guessing it could be late 2014 or 2015…but it will be back. ‘Life-Sized’ will be back better than ever,” Tyra confirmed.

Although she is not allowed to speak on any specifics, she did confirm the sequel would have a “very, very modern take.”

123533-original    As of yet, there is no word if Lohan, 27, will have a role in the sequel and thus far, she hasn’t mentioned about the sequel via social media.

However, Tyra tweeted (when asked by a fan, to confirm if the rumor was true or no):

That confirmation got those fans who were tweens (then) very excited.

Notably, the most surprising reaction came in like a Nerf Ball from fellow Disney alum, little Miss “Wrecking Ball” herself: Miley Cyrus who tweeted:

It didn’t stop there.

She later tweeted:

In just that instant, the rebirth of “Life-Sized” was all it took to give social media a peek at the fact that no matter how bigger than life Miley Cyrus seems (now), she’s still a little bit of Hannah with her bigger bit of rock and roll:

117330-original  🙂

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