‘Twitter Activist’ SHAUN KING Outed As Being Caucasion Despite Applying For OPRAH’s MOREHOUSE COLLEGE Minority Scholarship


I NEVER thought “Shaun King” was biracial.

I always simply thought he was a white guy championing black causes on Twitter, actively inciting the emotions of #BlackTwitter flocking to his interest in, and sharing of plights about injustices within the black community. Period. Dot.

Matter of fact, just when I find myself chanting on a constant basis every single time I’d see a retweet of Shaun King [Michael Skolnik and that black guy-“DeRay McKesson”] come down my timeline:

“I could give two sh/ts about either of their ‘Twitter activism’ and findings: inciting the emotions of thousands of clueless #BlackTwitter and #BlackLivesMatter’ers who, until they (Shaun King and Michael Skolnik) use their white privilege to sit up in the boardrooms of Capital Hill with some gavels banging, and “Yays” and Nays” on the board-fighting to change some LAWS [proving they are really in support of “#BlackLivesMatter]–I could give two sh/its about either of their ‘discoveries’ ‘findings’ and other emotion rousing Twitter rhetoric they’ve got all these poor, lost black souls whipped about…like they are some slavery-minded lambs being lead to slaughter while being fed and stuffed with fear circulating and running amuk throughout social media where no one heads to Washington to rant where it REALLY matters.”

…then in walks a story on Breibart.com exposing him as a male Rachel Dolezal part II who too, has been lying about his race-namely to lying to media icon Oprah Winfrey about being biracial in order to qualify for an Oprah scholarship to the historically black Morehouse College.


Although King denies he lied to Oprah and Morehouse, Breibart claims differently.



Should it be determined true that he lied, that, to me, begs a serious question because I do know that much of the race white is and always have been highly annoyed about

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