TV LAND Cancels Re-Runs of THE COSBY SHOW & Empties Out the Brooklyn Brownstone


Just before the big Thanksgiving Cosby Show marathon, [In lieu of the mounting Bill Cosby allegations?] don’t know if the cast of the Cosby Show got the memo, but the syndicated re-runs of the revered and popular television show has officially been canceled on the TVLand channel (a Viacom company).

Cos setNo one knows if TVLand runs the show’s Facebook page, but if it is true that pictures are worth a thousand words, then these two pictures of the empty domicile say more than words:


TCos Brownstonehat familiar Brooklyn brownstone and the classic living room that housed the likes of Dr. and Mrs. Claire Huxtable, Denise, Theo, Rudy, and Vanessa Huxtable and (Sondra, Elvin and the twins)—is now, officially empty.

Reportedly, at least through October 9, via TV Land’s website; The Cosby Show’s scheduled on air listing and videos were present but now-an error message takes its place with a message that reads:

We’re sorry, something went wrong. This content may no longer be available, or else the kitten ate our homework.

TVLand Channel airs re-runs of some of America’s most popular sitcoms from as far back as the 70s and beyond. Casts of these shows still make money (a.k.a “residuals”) from these reruns-as did the entire Cosby Show cast outside of Bill Cosby-who as a repercussion of the allegations-despite being canceled by NBC on a new show he was set to star in-premiering this month, will still receive a fat breach of contract check [from NBC].

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