Amid Needing Roadservice, Tulsa Oklahoma Father Terence Crutcher Shot By Officer Betty Shelby

Regardless whether or not you watch the video from an aerial angle or right at it,


…one fact is apparent: A man with his hands in the air in visibly full cooperation with preparation of search and what, if any seizure was necessary, was shot—in a matter of seconds.


Well that man’s name is Terence Crutcher. Crutcher was a twin and father, whose only crutch was the breakdown of a metal vehicle in the middle of a Tulsa Oklahoma street and physically judged to be a “bad dude.”


As you heard over the aerial viewing of the video, an overhead official observing the scene below asserted that Crutcher looked like a “bad dude” and suggested Taser.

Unfortunately, as per “at” view, the act of being Tasered and forced into submission (where no obvious aggression was apparent) ended up with Crutcher being struck to the ground—by gunshot instead.

Per further reports, reportedly, from “at” versus aerial view; Crutcher took a quick moment to reach into his pocket.



Other reports claim he reached into his vehicle. Both excuses explanations were said to have prompted female officer Betty Shelby to shoot Crutcher who died on the scene.

…On the below video (given the Tulsa spokesperson’s stutter at mentioning Crutcher was reaching into his car, combined with this zoomed in photo evidence fact):


…we can eliminate the false “fact” that he was reaching into his car.


5 Facts You Need To Know About Terence Crutcher

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